April 23, 2024

Car2oon from Dallas, Texas is a lyrical rap artist that is also known for his catchy hooks. Originally born in Chicago, his intent is to bring light back to city in which so many frown upon.

“My main focus is on bringing the attention back to lyrics in hip hop. I still have melody but I make it in a way the listener can understand. No diss to anyone else. I just feel like that’s the wave that’s coming back around, after being missing for so long. I’m an artist that cares about his fans. I understand without their support there would be no me. I want to be a legend.

I look up to artists like Andre 3000 and Nas. 50cent also is someone I look up to. Younger artists I admire are of course Kendrick and Big Sean. Wale is slept on. YG is a future legend from the west. At the end of the day I need my name in the conversation. When people listen to my music they will see where I’m coming from.”


Instagram @Car2oond
Twitter @gscdeezy
TikTok @Car2oon_



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