July 18, 2024

Strictly for our intents and purposes here, Tjuan Benafactor is an event promoter turned hip-hop artist, currently signed to his own imprint Arucca Flyboy, and distributed by Capitol Music Group. Benafactor is a radio-charting artist and producer, with numerous music releases, and plenty of appearances in both the print and online media. However, looking beyond that, you will discover that Tjuan Benafactor – born Antjuan Washington – is also a successful entrepreneur. Among other interests, he co-owns the Steel City Yellow Jackets in the American Basketball Association and the Burgh Defenders arena football team, as well as the Akron Aviators, Twin City Jazz (Monroe, LA) and the Buchanan Bears. Not to mention his co-ownership of a vodka company.

Tjuan Benafactor

Moreover Tjuan Benafactor is a co-owner of the thoroughbred horse named Authentic – last year’s Kentucky Derby and Breeders Cup winner. Actually Benafactor has purchased several horses. A pastime he picked up during the forced inactivity due to Covid-19. If all of this gives us the measure of the man, his latest single “Genius Music”, gives us the status of his craft.

It’s difficult to listen to “Genius Music” without thinking about Tjuan Benafactor’s musical evolution; his vision has always been very clear. Passion, dedication and respect for the craft. Benafactor has always been a powerful lyricist, with an innate ability to transform real life situations and stories into a consistent pen game. And even when he’s just having fun, playing with words, he makes sure his delivery and flow is on point.

“Genius Music” ebbs and flows with Tjuan Benafactor’s lyrical intensity, as he hands out his musical curriculum to all listening.  “I’m a genius with rap, an expert in the trap,” exclaims Benafactor.

“I’m not our here pretending to be something I’m not, or something I thought,” he continues. It’s clear that he is sending out some messages. He keeps his messages easy to digest but bursting with meaning. Benefactor is really on point for the duration of this single.

Tjuan Benafactor & Paradise Gray

I’ve been listening to Tjuan Benafactor for a few years now, as he continues to connect the dots between each of his projects. It’s a continued succession of work that shows sonic, lyrical and visionary development.

“Genius Music” advances the trend. This is Benafactor in full bloom, showcasing his ability to rap, to experiment with wordplay and a palette of colorful sounds – a collection of textures and raps that evoke the project’s purpose.

The thing that really strikes me about Tjuan Benafactor, as a rapper, is his rhythmic cadence. His productions can go in any direction they want, but he always comes through with a flow that interacts with the beat and has a fantastic sense of attack. The attitudes expressed in “Genius Music” sync impressively with the all-embracing instrumental, making for a very immersive and atmospheric listen.

“Genius Music” as a whole, is creative, expressive, assertive, and fluid. The song is booming with character, energy, and self-empowering wordplay.


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