July 12, 2024

Hip-hop’s new wave of melodic rap, includes elements of crooning, energetic voices, and moody themes. The perfect voices to bring this new wave to the limelight in today’s age of rap are its younger participants. This is the case not only because of their youthful voices, but because they are the most inspired, and have the most to say, putting new spins on the tired motifs. Yung HeartBreaker (who also goes by HB) is an 18 year old artist from England. He has been making music for 4 years now and has even started up his own label under the name HBC ENT.

Yung HeartBreaker uses his naturally dynamic voice in a number of ways, effortlessly gliding over bass-heavy production as he delivers deceptively catchy melodies. He has been steadily building momentum and his catalog over the past couple of years. The artist presents the image of a rapper who likes to keep things low-key and mysterious, while he keeps making addictive sounding potential hits.

If you listen to tracks like “DND” and “Price Tags”, you’ll hear that he has the kind of natural charisma it takes to become a major star in the modern scene. Possessing an exceptional ear for melody, Yung HeartBreaker writes songs that will get stuck in your head after just one listen. And as you keep playing them over and over, you’ll pick up on his knack for storytelling, too.

With each new track, Yung HeartBreaker lets us in on a new chapter of his experiences and thoughts, while proving himself as one of the more interesting young rappers out. On his latest, “France”, he shows us that he really has it all, as he flows effortlessly of a moody understated beat. The slow-strummed clean guitar, forms a perfect atmospheric foundation for the rapper lay his mesmeric rhymes on.

A natural at rapping and crafting hooks, Yung HeartBreaker can do it all. At a time when the world is hurting from so many things, he makes music ideal for moments of escapism, to heal the spirit, and to vibe out to. It’s nearly impossible to play a Yung HeartBreaker song just once. When you encounter a melody like the one he lays down on “France” it will invariably end up bouncing around in your brain until you give in and play it again.

For this reason, he’s steadily gaining fans who appreciate his nimble flows and soulful reflections. Moreover, a quick run through his catalog will reveal that he has plenty of other great music ready to capitalize on the wave of attention that will soon be coming his way.  All throughout, he flexes his versatility, showing he’s equally comfortable rapping over a hard-hitting beat as he is floating over a mellow, hypnotic backdrop.

He is currently refining a skillset that allows him to weave thoughtful lyricism into attention grabbing cadences. But over and above the hype though, Yung HeartBreaker is just a very talented kid, and one that you need to seriously keep an eye out for.


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