July 23, 2024

Tre Digga is known for his aggressive and lyrically dense bars that match and often exceed the skills of many seasoned rap veterans. The debate within the hip-hop community concerning the most talented upcoming artists in the game requisitely includes Tre Digga’s name and this is evidenced by his single, “WOAH”.

Tre Digga is making a serious case for being one of those rare, special artists that approaches the mic and continually exceeds expectations. His lyrical ability is not only demonstrated in his ability to craft explicitly descriptive bars into cohesive tracks but also in how it is tied together by his niche flow typically marked with utterly intensity speed.

The aspect, though, that I think sets Tre Digga apart from his contemporaries is his ability to diversify his flows, often hopping in and out of multiple different flows within a couple of songs. This is something that is very difficult to do in addition to maintaining skillful wordplay and what has become the most prominent skill of many of the most highly touted artists within the game.

The sort of groove-driven aggression forged on “WOAH” is what Tre Digga has become known for and just simply isn’t something most rappers possess the ability to do. In your face, lyrically dense bars are a clear strength of this track. And this is what’s expected of a Tre Digga record. His ability to deliver here, while it only is one aspect of the project, does help deliver the message that Tre Digga is not your average rapper. Tre Digga, who started his own music label called Digg It ENT is based out of Calgary Canada, while his roots were planted in Trinidad.

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