July 19, 2024

Orion Luminiferous, known professionally as Son of Satan, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, as well as being alongside a professional audio engineer for independent artists. He was born in Fresno, CA and raised in foster homes throughout his childhood as an impoverished youth. It was within this aspect of grim circumstances that Orion found music creation to be a positive expression of the cold world which he knew growing up. As a fatherless orphan he took the name Son of Satan to brand his social position among humanity.

The atmosphere Son of Satan evokes in his project “3000 C E”, initially gives the feeling of a man at war with his identity, and the world at large, but it reveals itself to be that and so much more. This project is a declaration of authenticity and a dedication to delivering personal truths, using the metaphor of an astronaut engaged in space travel. It is engorged with profound raps and brimming with internal conflict. It’s Son of Satan at his most bare, enabling us to understand, at least in part, who he is.

The project opens on a soul-searching note, with the track, and lead single “Orion”, which takes its introductory hook from the classic song, “Nature Boy”, written in 1947 by eden ahbez and originally performed by Nat King Cole a year later.  The final line – “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved in return” – is considered the most poignant moment in the song. But it is the opening lines which set a firm stamp of character in “Orion”“There was a boy. A very strange enchanted boy. They say he wandered very far, very far. Over land and sea. A little shy and sad of eye. But very wise was he.”

The atmosphere is otherworldly and emotionally penetrating, as Son of Satan drops into the mix, extending his haunting raps across the cinematic soundscape. It’s beautiful, pressing, and indicative of an artist looking to leave an impacting impression. “Space Dust” hangs onto the ethereal aura while the drums bang harder, and Son of Satan’s voice resonates with urgency: “When I land on the moon, it rings like bell and the key of the tone, from the space dust of hell.” The flow bites with menace brewing just beneath the surface of every other word.

The title track, “3000 C E”, sees Son of Satan turn up the intensity, his tone becoming more insistent: “I just want to plough through the gravity,” he exclaims, as the percussion and synths drive the song’s underbelly. “War of the Worlds” becomes even more epic, as robotic voices clash with growling synths and rolling drums. All of which leads to another captivating sound template on “Star Kid”, again beautifully elaborated with vocoder effects that perfectly fit the theme, instead of the often senseless use made of it, by many of  Son of Satan’s contemporaries.

In fact the project, “3000 C E”, is at its strongest when it goes full in on that mesmerizingly robotic and spaceman aesthetic. Son of Satan slicks the project’s backend with even more spacey textures and conflicted lyrics on the final track, “Cosmic Rays”. The lines: “We are not the same. I am from another matrix. A separate universe, with different laws of physics,” abruptly brings the project to an end, leaving you to ponder all of its meanings. The project’s narrative strings together a mesmerizing storyline far removed for the bullshit rap we’re fed on a daily basis. It draws a subtle line between pure escapism and raw reality. Which side of the fence you sit on, depends on how you interpret Son of Satan’s lyrics.


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