May 21, 2024

Based out of Calgary Canada, the artist Tre Digga, on the self-owned Digg It ENT music label, continues his streak of hot single releases with the track “Panamera WHT”. The dude is so prolific, the Guinness World Book of Records is giving him the title of “The most singles released by an independent Canadian artist in 1 year”. Here Tre Digga leans back into the soul of a voice on which he has been making his name, capturing his core essence with a sunny vibrancy and maturity. Digga indicates as much from the outset, in an arrestingly beautiful, and captivatingly rhythmic song that includes a virtuosic melodic flow.

Tre Digga slick-talking, rap-heavy turns alternates with soulful mellifluous hooks which capture the listener’s attention. On “Panamera WHT”, there’s an immediate natural ease with which the track switches between singing and rapping, in a way that feels strengthened by a sudden worldliness and understanding of hip-hop as a modern art. Personality? Check. Catchy hooks? Check. Incredible flows? Double-check.

Tre Digga is steadily pushing on to stardom. Since all of his killer tracks, he now returns with more quality material. “Panamera WHT” sees a more mature, soulful approach from this Calgary native. Here he puts on his best rap and R&B impressions and it goes down superbly. He also works a solid flow into the groove. This man is so talented. An artist of his caliber will cause a musical earthquake with the right amount of resources, time and inspiration.

All through his playlist, we have evidence of Tre Digga’s potential. He is at a place in his career where it’s time to pump out the right material and move up the ladder. The more I listened to “Panamera WHT”, the more interesting it became.

Like its predecessors, this song is well-orchestrated and perfectly layered – musically and vocally. With Tre Digga at the helm of any song, it soon becomes an exercise on how hip-hop can still spark newfound excitement.

“Panamera WHT” represents an organic burst of creativity, sprinkled throughout with ample reminders that Tre Digga is a compelling talent. After wowing on his previous record, Tre Digga continues to shine on this track. He delivers a superb vocal, filled with character and nuance. He’s one of the more distinct voices in the underground music industry, and his distinctiveness shines through on “Panamera WHT”.

Adding to the excellence of Tre Digga’s performance is brilliant production work, with a robust bass line, a tight groove, background vocals, and of course, an agile, one-of-a-kind melody. The squeaky synth and the lush keys are simply marvelous ear candy.

Consistency and prolificacy must be Tre Digga’s middle names, as he keeps on churning out potential hits, one after the other. Digga continues to show he’s one of hip-hop’s more fast-moving performers. “Panamera WHT” is a slam dunk by an artist who has already proved himself to be an essential part of the hip-hop movement.

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