May 27, 2024

Nathanael G. M. Forbes is an American Hip-hop Rapper better known as Lil Squid, Squid Da Savage. Lil Squid is based in Atlanta and he was born November 23, 1999. Lil Squid’s rap career started when he was 12 years old, when he penned his first rap lyrics with the Hit them folks dance challenge.

Lil Squid has authored several rap singles before being discovered by Major Record Labels: Indie Nation and Lit House Records. Lil Squid has hit the rap world with songs that has made lasting effects on his listeners and the hearts of his fans. Lil Squid has released rap singles entitled: New Cause, Realize, Rotation and Vicious.

His singles include: Swerving, Trippin, Lil Squid Flow and his brand new release “Trendsetter” which is gaining now rapidly gaining new playlist adds on rap oriented stations across the country. Lil Squid is on radio rotation with the track “Trendsetter”.

SPOTIFY: @lilsquid_1
TWITTER: Lilsquid1


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