May 26, 2024

Catastrophic ENT artist, producer and beat maker, LuiVXclusiV AKA VX is from Minneapolis, MN. He is currently promoting his album “Full Throttle (All Gas, No Brakes)”. LuiVXclusiV has been quietly establishing himself as one of the most interesting rappers in the underground music scene in a very short time, building out an incredibly impressive playlist. This groundbreaking album packs a major punch that can only be understood by those who have undertaken it in its entirety. LuiVXclusiV has risen to new heights within this project, drawing upon countless sources of inspiration that can be heard throughout the extensive runtime.

LuiVXclusiV’s use of gaming sound bites and varied instrumentals provide this album with a feeling resembling the work of hip-hop’s most forward thinking production legends, and carries with it elements of experimentation seen in new and more psychedelic-based sub-genres.

Either way these are not the regular beats you’ll pick up from your local store. The opening tracks “Super Mario and “Never Backin’ Down quickly show LuiVXclusiV’s incredible abilities are just phenomenal.

Within “Life Lessons” listeners are immediately treated to a depth of production that previews an eclectic and haunting soundscape present within the album. LuiVXclusiV’s incorporation of film-esque samples spread around the tracks, are a perfect match to his extroverted and dynamic rapping personality presented within his pointed yet brutally blunt hooks and verses.

His flamboyant nature is something that only goes to further accentuate the matchup between him and the production on each track. Although one is not always sure where either of them is going to take you, you know it’s going to be a wild and exciting ride. LuiVXclusiV breaks into these tracks with deliveries that strike with hurricane force, as he successfully marries literary-fueled lyrical concepts with hard-nosed street smarts.

Simultaneously he can allows for his stream of conscious, conversational tones, to run the gamut with his core messages on tracks like “Games On The Benches”, “Fuck Niggas” and “Misinformed”.

LuiVXclusiV puts the gas pedal through the floor, when it comes to creativity on “Stranger Danger” and “Don’t Stand A Chance”. These are extreme showcases of the extraordinary range of LuiVXclusiV’s style and approach to his music.

LuiVXclusiV’s ability to step outside the box within this project is unmatched in his stylistic genre and seems to progress more and more with each additional track. “Personal Problem” and “Opponent” provide listeners with unforgettable rapping performances, as LuiVXclusiV blends nuancing and emotion into his dynamic flow. Lyrical complexity is just as prevalent on these tracks.

All-round, “Full Throttle (All Gas, No Brakes)” is an entertaining project, not afraid to dabble with creativity, while also showcasing both LuiVXclusiV’s lyrical ability and production dexterity. Across these tracks, the artist provides us with a tangible reminder of why there’s still freshness in the genre. There’s a lot crammed into each of the cuts contained within this album. The packed sounds make them feel even more substantial.

Surrounded by artists that are by turns stale, unintelligible, or hopelessly lacking in creativity and awareness, right now LuiVXclusiV’s star might just be the brightest of all on the horizon.


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