May 21, 2024

With an exceptional collaborative spirit and a highly refined sound, musician, composer and producer living in Japan, Agito Maruyama aka ItachiMode, blesses this year with a great uplifting dance record, “Go With It” ft. Elle B. Agito started out playing as a support guitarist for various groups in 2000. In 2014 he began writing music seriously, while in 2019 he released the EP “Melancholy For 60 Seconds”, which was followed a year later by the EP “Daily Life”. His latest single “Go With It”, is a song about searching for, and finding happiness.


With our attention span constantly reducing drastically, and music at our literal fingerprints, creatives have to fine tune their craft to suit our needs perfectly in the 21st century. This is exactly what Agito Maruyama sets out to do, and successfully achieves with “Go With It” ft. Elle B.

The song’s runtime is 3 minutes and 56 seconds, and it carries no excess fat. Instead Agita has infused key elements into his music that makes him shine out above many of his contemporaries.

His sound is crisp, smooth and shimmering. Warms keys blend with jangling guitar motifs and thumping percussion. There’s a richness to the entirety of the work that shows Agito Maruyama’s range in producing sounds. With technology always improving and sound becoming more digital, there are no limits to its growth. Agito has found his niche and mastered it. “Go With It” encapsulates him as a producer and it’s a fun ride from start to finish.

The track is as smooth as they come with its funky percussion, woozy keys and an organic feel that is rare for electronic music. The vocalist Elle B adds all of her own charm and a soulful, resonating voice, which empowers the melody in just the right places.

“Go With It” is an explosive release for Agito Maruyama, as colorful as it is energetic and attention-grabbing. It unashamedly leads the listener to focus on the inflexion and grooves of the voice, while being comforted by cushiony groove of the beat.

Go With It Artwork

The avenue Agito Maruyama moves down with “Go With It” is consistently filled with moments of head-snapping rhythmic explosion, encircled by a hard-hitting kick drum and hi-hat combo. It reflects the producer’s fusion of entrancing sounds and soulful bounce. Agito also seems to have a perfect ear for collaborations, as Elle B immaculately fits the groove and tone of the track. Her voice adds that extra sonic dimension to succinctly round off the song’s theme.

At the end of the day, “Go With It” ft. Elle B weaves in and out of an abundance of crisply smooth sounds. It’s an intoxicating listen from start to finish, and Elle B’s vocals has you hooked from the opening bar.

Agito Maruyama shows a unique flexibility and verve, as his production becomes a glowing life that drips, melts, and molds around Elle B’s voice. The driving force of the track is its rolling bassline, and driving drums, playing perfectly in the pockets of the instrumentation and creating a consistent bounce throughout.

That said, one can only wonder what Agito Maruyama’s next release will bring to the table.


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