June 14, 2024

T-Won Hill is a musical artist, actor and model from Louisville, Kentucky. He has been writing since he was a kid, but only got pulled into the music scene seriously, within the last two years, which has led to the release of his singles “Empower The Masses” and “Open Your Eyes”. Along the way he has been steadily building a fanbase, exploring his potential, and raking in the accolades. T-Won Hill initially made an impact on the industry, even before he released any music, when he placed in the top 10, on the popular YouTube competition Shine, out of thousands of competitors.

“My motivation for my music is to inspire and change the world, while also telling about my experiences, to project love and connect,” says the artist, continuing: “And to let people who are struggling know that they are not alone.”

T-Won Hill’s thought-economy has idealism holding hands with grounded realities, giving his meditations an appealingly empathetic, and populist shine. Musically, the dynamic beats in his songs, aid in his appeal, providing a milieu from which he can launch his mindset on life’s status quo. And those assaults are always verbose and filled with honest and relatable feelings.

A key to T-Won Hill’s allure is how he begins “Open Your Eyes” with a plain tone and a common tongue, before delivering the payload with bar after bar of pure rap gold right before his buttery hooks coax your awed mind, enlightening you, and instilling virtue where indifference once reigned supreme. The track, which shines a light on gun violence and mental health, becomes a captivating mantra dominating your mind.

The rhythmic groove T-Won Hill slowly slips into on this song, is subtle but nothing less than brilliant. Moreover, the timelessness of his gentle rasping vocal-tone and his lyrical sobriety, solidifies a standard for excellence in rap. “Open Your Eyes” is diverse from the usual mainstream fodder, and finds the artist carefully channeling his impressive flow in a variety of ways – from rapping through to singing.

“Empower The Masses”, the song that followed up the previously mentioned debut track, will certainly help you quantify the T-Won Hill artistic effect on the current scene. Heightened urgency is at the core of the rapper’s art in this song. His concern with enlightening the peoples’ vision through his personal truths, comes through loud and clear. Here, T-Won Hill packs in fantastic references, wordplay, and rhymes.

T-Won Hill refuses to be boxed in by commercial expectations, and instead opts to chart his own course through the oversaturated world of rap music. His lyrical and vocal strengths are unquestionable.

These formidable abilities serve as a means to latch onto listeners and ensure they hear his words. He has worked to add warmth, melody and smoother, cinematic tones to his sound on “Empower The Masses”, effectively giving his messages, the music to match.

T-Won Hill is an incredibly thought-provoking artist that can be intelligent without being even remotely boring. He takes his intelligence and honesty and puts it into messages of positivity. This truly sets him apart from the pack. T-Won Hill is currently working to release more singles and complete an album, while he also plans to tour all of 2022.


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