May 26, 2024

Brooklyn Native & Producer Arranger CEO/Founder of Big Roach Music, MASE SAM JACKSON is on radio rotation with the track “1st Drop Off” taken from his album, “The Hold Up…” The sleek, hip-hop-influenced sounds of Jackson’s palette can’t be limited to simple nostalgia or to futuristic vision, because they aren’t shackled to time; the interconnectivity of his music threads through the decades, going backward and forward.

His saturated keys and indelible percussive bounce are his signatures, so it’s no surprise those qualities shimmer throughout “The Hold Up…. The album is an evolution of musical progression that blends a diversity of beat-making styles into a brilliant cohesive body of music.

The album also brings home MASE SAM JACKSON’s virtuoso ability to craft drum tracks with depth and character. Choosing to color beyond the lines and create what others haven’t heard Jackson shows zero restraint when it comes to his song writing. He’s consistently creative and his choices are more than often bold and unconventional.

“The Hold Up…” is a solid mix of rhythm, style, and tone. From the moment you press play you will be blown away with it’s unique sound made possible through MASE SAM JACKSON’s ability to blend the chosen instrumentation into a singular cohesive body of work. Proving he is in fact a master of his own domain, Jackson has dropped a real head-nodding, soul experience with this 8 track album.


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