May 19, 2024

Eddy G is a recording artist, producer, and songwriter from Nuevo La-redo, Tamaulipas Mexico, who was raised in Houston Texas, and currently resides in the city of Albuquerque New Mexico. The owner and founder of the record label called 4N (a reference to the word “Foreign”), Eddy G strives to create a powerful and original sound, combining elements of modern Urban music with melodies and hooks most commonly associated with genres such as Hip-Hop and Latin. His new single titled “Drop Top”, marks the second-ever track for the 4N label, which debuted with “Forget Time”, by label artist Odawg.

Let’s keep it straight with no hype, Eddy G is as talented as it gets when it comes to making music. Correct, he sings soulfully, and has a lilt for melodic rap built into his voice, but even more importantly, he has a knack for connecting with listeners through some of the deepest content you will hear in today’s music. With the release of “Drop Top”, I expect Eddy G to seriously launch his brand of heartwarming records which pierce souls, in addition to showing us all the sides of his artistry.

“Drop Top” features bars that are passionately introspective, competitive and confrontational. His key phrase being one of determined inspiration: “I left and lost it all to have it all.” It’s an all-round emotional performance, featuring an affecting flow and an infectious melody, backed by an atmospheric production that drives the mood and the slow-burning rhythm. Lyrically Eddy G opens up and lets his thoughts roll out, in an honest and transparent fashion.

Eddy G conveys his tormented, yet inspired and purposeful feelings through poignant vocals and solid storytelling nuances in his voice. His melodic flow smoothly bounces off the song’s gently shimmering keys and the resonant snare drums.

Eddy G accentuates every word, serving one of the most crystalline performances of the past year. Though the singer leans into the R&B vocal playbook, he makes sure to add his own textures and spin. These elements enrich the project with a sense of balance and originality, underscoring the sincerity of Eddy G artistic efforts.

Some of the best moments of “Drop Top” are when Eddy G communicates his stream of consciousness: “You said I wouldn’t make it. I ain’t giving up. Every night out the window 4NI heard them letting off. That’s why I keep it on me. I know they want me to fall. 10 toes down, smile through the bullshit. Made it through the rain.”

Endearing and aspirational, Eddy G demonstrates his ability to communicate complexity with his eloquent voice. Turning “Drop Top” into a moody masterpiece that may very well take the artist’s career to new heights.

In an era where artists hype up projects that turn out to be nothing but half-baked endeavors, Eddy G’s thoughtful embrace of “Drop Top” delivers a track that excels in its vocals, lyrics and production – a trifecta that requires both skill and a passionate work ethic to achieve. Eddy G is short on neither, and with a whole lot more loaded into his artistic arsenal.

A Note of Interest: L.O.U.D (Living On Undeniable Determination), is a collective of dreamers, visionaries, believers, and the underdogs, who are determined to follow their passion and live a life they love. The crew was formed by Omar Maurice Jackson formerly known as ODAWG, founder of 4N Label. 4N Label (L.O.U.D) aims to provide platforms, opportunities, and an outlet to those who have a flair for music, fashion and art.


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