July 19, 2024

Soul and R&B crooner Tony Amey pours all his emotions and skills into his songs, as he effortlessly blends striking beats with his signature soulful voice. Tony can sing across beats that pulse and pound, as well as those that slowly slink and sleek, allowing his vocals to soar above it all. He can be as angelic as he is raw, with a burning passion that radiates from the back and forth of his vocals, while the chemistry between music and voice, across each of his tracks is incredibly striking. And at the emotional forefront, Tony maintains a powerful gospel inflection in his music, which encompasses each textural element of his records. From delicate ballads to up-tempo grooves, his music reminds us all of the true power of soul, as well as that of uplifting faith.

Tony Amey was born and raised in Northwest Atlanta Georgia. The singer-songwriter and producer has performed throughout the U.S and around the world, as a lead vocalist in the group A Few Good Men on the LaFace record label. After losing his Mother to cancer, in 2005 Tony released his debut Christian Gospel CD Road to Damascus on the M.D.L Music label. Tony has since been busy writing and producing for independent artists and doing work for hire for popular artists, while releasing several singles as an independent artist.

His latest single release is “G.O.O.D.”, is nothing short of a contemporary soul classic, bringing back that true Motown-styled sound. Especially for those searching for some retro authenticity, this is incredibly refreshing in 2021.

The song possesses the kind of production that perfectly fuels the fire of Tony Amey.  As always, he gives an expressive, heartfelt, and nuanced performance. He masterfully preserves the sanctity of soul music, in a cut where everything feels right: the vocals, the lyrics, and of course, the production.

And if all the above isn’t already enough, the vibe and the aesthetic is totally awesome too. The upbeat “G.O.O.D.” shows off the flexibility of Tony Amey’s voice and ability to adapt to any sound. The way he suits this style shines through brightly.

Self-empowered, skillfully equipped and brimming with honesty, Tony does exactly what every good singer of his caliber is expected to do – give anyone in the range of his voice a thorough dose of sincere and superbly delivered heartfelt music. More importantly, he does it the style of legends.

Tony Amey is a singer who stands out from the rest. His music has the precious quality that instantly connects with the listener. Moreover, his music is not a pre-packaged gimmick. Tony’s power lies in his genuine emotion conveyed within his voice, intertwined with his flowing hooks and relatable lyrics.

On “G.O.O.D.” he weaves in the energy and upbeat factors to supercharge the vibe and feel of the track. The result is a song that is too powerful to be shelved. But what ultimately gives “G.O.O.D.” its momentum, is Tony Amey’s easy-going vocal prowess, which brushes away artificiality in order to achieve a natural and grounded approach.


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