June 18, 2024

Band overview:

Snakedoctors are a rock band from Poland. Four friends started the band in May of 2020 and had two albums and eleven singles out till now. All singles charted in Poland, UK and the US on iTunes and indie charts, including number ones in the UK and in Poland (indie radio and iTunes Rock Poland).  The CDs sell well in largest Polish retail store chain (Empik). Their songs get a frequent airplay worldwide. They received many reviews in Poland and worldwide of their albums.

About “Bubba Does” single:

“Bubba Does” is a third single promoting, new upcoming Snakedoctors album “Mellow Joy” due to be out in September. Back to simple rock and roll. It’s just one of those stories about love. The one in love comes with flowers, good word and good intentions. The other one, sure in no love, gets what will not ever be reachable for the first one. Mixed at Abbey Road Studios in London and mastered at Metropolis Studios in London.

About upcoming “Mellow Joy” album:

As previous albums – mixing for the new album was done at Abbey Road Studios in London and The Lip Studio in LA. Mastering was done at Metropolis Studios in London and by Corey Coffman (of the band “Gleemer”) in his studio in the US. There’s also another collaboration on that album (“Girl With Sponges”) a duet with young and talented artist from the US. “Mellow Joy” is a step towards more pure and simple rock and roll.

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