May 26, 2024

Justin Case Rapping Grandpa went from homeless to a nominated independent music awards artist. His catalog counts over 65 songs available on 180 music apps. Justin is a real grandpa who believes you’re never too old to live your dreams. He also manages a series of artists, including Tezza Baretta, Pollock Rev, Cano, Jaygotcash and Mark Free. On the 29th of October Justin Case Rapping Grandpa opens for Snoop Dogg and Ty Dollar Sign in Oklahoma. In the meantime he drops his latest banger “I Refuse” ft. Pollock Rev & Lydia Caesar.

Like many of his millennial pop colleagues, Justin Case Rapping Grandpa, works loosely in the rap world, collapsing other genres into a mix of sounds tailored to his strengths, each strain recognizable enough to court a general audience.

And on “I Refuse” ft. Pollock Rev & Lydia Caesar, he hits a high water mark in accessibility and outright catchiness. Justin has a gritty, throaty flow that’s textured and needs none of the computer wizardry that so many artists in the same lane count as essential today.

Justin Case Rapping Grandpa has a way of imbuing even a one-word colloquialism or simplistic ideas with sheer charisma. The club-focused groove feels like a platinum smash – a slice of hook-heavy hip-hop with a melodic chorus to die for.

The song’s state of the art production and sickly effects layered under the vocals, surpasses expectations at every turn, becoming a wild ride of catchy creativity that tumbles out of the speakers in torrents of rhyme and song.

Justin Case Rapping Grandpa is also skilled at bringing out the best in his collaborators, and using their energies to maximize his own abilities, which is what happens with the wonderful performances forged by Pollock Rev & Lydia Caesar.

The chorus alone is inspiring: “You never thought I’d make it this far, cause I’ve been bruised and broken, you see these scars. But with my head inside the game I’ll never lose. You think ima pack my shit and quit, I refuse. I refuse. I refuse.”

Throughout the record, Justin manages to be a formidable center of gravity for everything happening around him, sparking a simmering fire with the features. He has a real, natural gift for effortless wordplay and lyrical flow, which comes to the forefront on “I Refuse” ft. Pollock Rev & Lydia Caesar.

Combining a bouncing beat and well-defined vocal variety, it’s a track that’s all too easy to get on board with. You’ll be able to engage with its vibe and versatility almost immediately. Even though Justin Case Rapping Grandpa has proven his talent time and time again, he never lets up on any release, and has well and truly delivered on this project.

If you thought that Justin Case Rapping Grandpa was afraid of making a song this radio-friendly, “I Refuse” ft. Pollock Rev & Lydia Caesar disproves that theory.  There’s a myriad of moving parts here: rapped verses, singing interludes, guitar motifs, and high-quality features. And they’re all moving in the right direction!


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