July 18, 2024

From the barrio to the club. Epic Caribbean dance beats have been taking the world by storm for a numbers of years now. A hybrid of reggae and rap, Reggaeton especially, is a Caribbean music style that has infiltrated a number of genres from hip-hop to EDM, all across the globe.  The latest to the table is, Ahmed “MaxxSeed” Emin, who was born in a town called Pazardzik in Bulgaria. An artist, songwriter, producer, as well as a mixing and mastering engineer who is currently based in London, United Kingdom, MaxxSeed has worked with Bulgaria’s most successful artists. Among them Krisko, Toni Storaro, Itzo Hazarta (from a well-known Bulgarian trio – Upsurt), VenZy, Dim4ou and many more successful artists from different genres, like Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, Rock, Dance-Hall, Reggaeton and others.

On his latest song, “Poison”, MaxxSeed has decided to move out of his comfort zone, and do something different to rap. His choice fell on a blend of dancehall and reggaeton flavors. The artist has created his own style of smooth and free-flowing reggaeton on “Poison”.

For those who love the Caribbean style’s slinky grooves, they’re in large supply here. The catchy beat, booming production, and hip-swaying aesthetic take center stage. As a protagonist for his songs, MaxxSeed sounds remarkably compelling on “Poison”.

More than a powerful confirmation of his continuing ability to produce great sounding songs, MaxxSeed’s latest project takes him in a surprising musical direction by foregrounding what his previous collaborations already hinted towards: his own personality.

“Poison” begins to paint an expansive portrait of the artist, as the track immediately demonstrates unforeseen skill as a singer-songwriter with a deep understanding of the aesthetic he is trying to deliver here.

This finely cut gem of perfect reggaeton creates an intoxicating sense of longing. Through verses riddled with wordplay, captivating rhyme schemes, and an intoxicating melody, MaxxSeed’s constructs a rich framework for the story of an intricate sentimental relationship. This finely cut gem of perfect reggaeton creates a sense of romantic intrigue.

“Girl your love is just poison for me. I don’t know what to do. NT Dolls are not working for me. I’m addicted to you,” sings MaxxSeed. He sounds more comfortable than ever on “Poison”, proving that he can hang with the regular purveyors of dancehall and reggaton too.

All in all, MaxxSeed delivers a well-rounded, enjoyable, and most of all, rhythmic track with “Poison”. If you are a fan of Latin music, particularly Urbano Latino, dancehall and reggaeton, this track is definitely in your lane. It is a crowd-pleasing, infectious, dancefloor-moving reggaeton song that feel effortless its production and execution.

Moreover, MaxxSeed has peeled away layers of reggaeton’s usual misogyny for a sound as compassionate and vulnerable as it is passionate. On “Poison”, he brings his individual tone, audaciously and uniquely.

“Poison” is as close to the charting reggaeton as you’ll hear here, and the fact that MaxxSeed is willing to give himself over to new sonic and stylistic experiences shows his utter joyfulness and glee of making music.

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