May 28, 2024

On his single “Little Bit” (feat. Sh3), Pasco County, Florida rapper, A.C.N.H continues to prove his technical abilities as a lyricist, as the song rings with both style and substance. Fresh, interesting, thoughtful and emotionally provoking. Throughout the runtime, the hip hop artist taps into his storytelling, self-reflection and personalization. He makes a concerted effort to vary his delivery through smooth, uncluttered flow patterns while posturing with maturity and sensitivity, with a subtle stylistic lean towards his artistic inspiration – Eminem. The attention to detail in his releases is worthy of noting, and one of the reasons A.C.N.H’s music is so captivating. His productions are atmospheric and mood-inducing, while the featured hook-singers are topline-styled performers.

The key element to A.C.N.H music, and specifically in the case, “Little Bit” (feat. Sh3), is the rapper’s diction, nuancing and storytelling skills. What this means is simple terms, is that you can hear and understand every single word the artist delivers. Now if that alone is not an absolute surprise in an industry currently obsessed with hazy mumbling and twisted auto-tuned deliveries, then nothing else is. Moreover there are clear signs of growth, maturity and malleability from A.C.N.H here.

If you are familiar with A.C.N.H, then you can tell that this is a classic A.C.N.H single. If you are not completely familiar with A.C.N.H, then “Little Bit” (feat. Sh3) is a great introduction to what you have been missing.

As previously mentioned, there are countless reasons as to why A.C.N.H’s tracks should be on your playlist, and this song confirms all the reasons why. Not least the soulful melodic hook which introduces the first verse, and where the rapper’s strengths as a storyteller is put to efficient use.

A.C.N.H’s sullen introspective stylings on “Little Bit” (feat. Sh3)  continues to solidify a unique image for himself, which should lead to closer scrutiny from potential fans. Moreover, you get an Eminem syllable-heavy style of rap that has no problem with sharing powerful messages, as A.C.N.H spends most of his time delivering heartfelt insight into intimately personal matters and emotions. There’s a humanity and a willingness to unpack his issues that easily connects with the listener.

When A.C.N.H raps, he goes all out.  He emphasizes, he switches his flow up or down to match the message and mood of the record, and his agility in doing so is completely mesmerizing. In “Little Bit” (feat. Sh3) he concentrates more on the story and the emotional strains therein, and the effect is just as intoxicating. A.C.N.H says what he needs to say to give you the full picture, and he does so using words and expressions that aim directly at the soul.

Throughout “Little Bit” (feat. Sh3), you go on a journey with the artist, living through the highs and disturbing lows of a tortured relationship, only to become amazed at what you’ve heard in just about four minutes.

Overall, this single is a strong addition to the A.C.N.H canon – a devasting tale and a succinct statement, “Little Bit” (feat. Sh3) is for those looking for an excellent beat, a solid rhyme scheme, a captivating storyline, and an arresting cinematic production.

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