May 26, 2024

Nigerian reggae singer-songwriter, Stanley Rubyn, is set to release his new single ‘On My Mind,’ a song of heartbreak and longing. Combining his musical versatility and personal flair, ‘On My Mind’ blends together elements of reggae, afro-soul and folk. ‘On My Mind’ will be available on all platforms on the 1st of November 2021. Written in the shadows of the night, ‘On My Mind’ was a silver light amidst the lockdown of 2020. Late night thoughts and reflective emotions inspired Stanley Rubyn, who was trying to leave behind a past love affair. “As they say, old memories live, and feelings come back. I was caught up with mixed feelings for her. She was just on my mind, and still is on my mind,’ explains Rubyn. This rings true throughout the song, especially in the chorus, as the hook circles around Rubyn’s lyrics; ‘You been on my mind, you’re still on my mind.

Recurring hand claps, jovial electric guitar and a layer of percussive vocals lay the foundation of the track, while Stanley Rubyn’s honeyed vocals sit on top. There’s a hypnotic quality to the song, a carefree energy that lifts the spirit of the listener.

There’s optimism in each word Rubyn sings, a buoyancy in the deep double bass, and a shining brightness in the guitar.  Despite the longing in Rubyn’s voice, the sonic landscape of ‘On My Mind’ is vibrant and lighthearted, a fragment of hope lingering, ‘my love for you will always be, my love for you will never die.’

Now based in Germany, Stanley Rubyn, was born and raised in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. His intense upbringing on the streets, surrounded by a family who sang and prayed every morning, ignited a passion in Rubyn and his love for music.

Often compared to Tracy Chapman, his talent for songwriting led him across the world, performing throughout Europe, including Vienna and Switzerland. He became the opening act for Inner Circle, and the new generation band of the late Prince. Since his first studio session, Stanley Rubyn realised that music was his true purpose, and has released a series of singles and albums. ‘On My Mind’ is the next part of Stanley Rubyn’s rich journey.



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