July 18, 2024

PluggnB relies on heavy 808s and busy, sharp percussion underscored by soulful melodies and fluttering bars to create a fusion of trap, rap and R&B. The subgenre emphasizes more energetic and bouncy synth leads, more complex drum programming, and a lesser reliance on the minimalistic atmosphere of earlier plugg. Its rapper/singers employ a distinct vocal style of melodic, sing-song rapping which takes influence from Contemporary and Alternative R&B. Sxeenb is a 22 years old artist/engineer who works with a collective of producers called planetxenocollective, and one of his favorite producers is kappafvr. His latest project is the album entitled, “X Season”.

Sxeenb has a hypnotic cadence and crazy beat selection. He is a versatile artist that can get on PluggnB style beats that are hot right now. It’s clear right from the opening track “UNIQUE” (prod KappaFvr) that Sxeenb is working hard to make his presence known in the new wave. Here he clues listeners into his elevated soundscape and performance ability, all at once. The song single embodies his artistry perfectly — brash, bold and unafraid to take risks.

While the album “X Season” has its fair share of flexing, Sxeenb finds balance in a string of smooth keyboard-infused tracks like “FOR REAL” which has a knack of leaving listeners mesmerized by the artist’s psychedelic vocal nuances.

On “AFTERPARTY” (prod. Airbourn), Sxeenb runs with a faster moving flow, as his lyrics spurt and amble into each other gracefully. Make no mistake, its apparent that his talent and passion for the craft have elevated him to greater heights.

What makes Sxeenb so special is that he is undefinable and unable to be put in a box, despite his affiliation with PluggnB. He’s not specific to just one genre and his music is full of passion and purpose.

His charming voice and impressive melodies have the ability to captivate audiences from all different perspectives of taste. This is apparent on the fleshed out sound of “SCORE<3” (Prod KappaFvr + Omgmaddox), as it is on the more urgent backdrop of “MIA”, where Sxeenb again shows off his ever-changing flow.

Sxeenb effortlessly harmonizes over “@SAP<3”, all while parading his incredible lyrical and singing abilities. Simply put, Sxeenb has an unbelievable knack for moving and connecting people through the power of his music.

His songs transport listeners somewhere otherworldly — making it feel like an assortment of unexplainable emotions hitting you all at once. This sensation is most evident on the busy, hazy mashup of “BLICK” and the jazzy fusion-like final track “TOp”.

While Sxeenb continues to define his career lane, the album “X Season”, is another leap in the right direction, for him to achieve the visibility he rightfully deserves. His talent is full of enthusiasm and personality — which is showcased all throughout his budding discography.

While this project is concise and straight to the point, each song is packed with all the elements residing in his skillset. Simply put, his songs are electric, his voice is mesmerizing, and his tone, flow, and overall presence on the mic, will catch your attention instantly.


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