May 28, 2024

Destined for a career in music, it’s no surprise that the Portuguese speaking rapper, ALEEX’s knack for sugary, auto-tuned verses has allowed him to flourish. One of his most recent efforts, the single “REAIS”, fully immerses listeners into his unique style — embodying the new wave’s signature, melodic sound in the process. Stoking the flames of the fire his previous releases ignited, the underground rising star stirs up rap circles by continuing to shape excitement around his releases. Amid scheduling new music, his team at INPU Music – an independent music label – is driving ALEEX’s career to new heights.

ALEEX is anything but ordinary. He’s achieving a level of self-awareness and grace that only he’s able to cultivate.  What’s his calling? The music. It defines his very essence at every point — bleeding through each bar on his psychedelic trap single “REAIS”, which if I’m not mistaken, means ‘real’.

Though I cannot understand the language, I can certify that a kaleidoscope of captivating verses, ALEEX’s colorful and eclectic style continually melds the confines of what’s considered pop, hip-hop and R&B over the course of the record.

With twisting melodic vocal stacks and a head-bobbing 808 drum pattern, “REAIS” has a constant push and pull rhythm which is nothing short of captivating. The production on the track is colorful and glistening. It shines with the forward-thinking trap and new wave elements, infused into its construction.

ALEEX’s range is on full display, as he uses his upper register with echoed presets that seemingly melt in your headphones.  “REAIS” is simply iridescent — packed to the brim with mesmerizing vocal tones and gorgeous production throughout.

If there’s anything the up-and-coming singer can’t do, its leave things unsaid, as it seems he is saying a lot on “REAIS”. And he is saying it with conviction and determination. ALEEX has all the ingredients of an ideal up and coming protagonist on the scene — capturing the essence of fresh wonder with the skillset of a seasoned pro.

Continuing to assert his arrival with melodic flows and distorted bubblegum beats, ALEEX’s patented talent for creating catchy hooks and spitting tight rhymes doesn’t go unnoticed on “REAIS”. Building a name for himself in the underground, ALEEX has hit his stride in a big way with this track, after having already released a handful of new wave bangers.

“REAIS” is perhaps one of the strongest additions to ALEEX’s discography. Continuing to prove that he’s worth any talk or hype surrounding him. The voice and the music seem to strike a perfect balance of chemistry and charisma.

Simply put, he’s one-of-a-kind, holding his own by singing, rapping and curating a catchy, vibrant sound, packed with a plethora of diverse influences. Ultimately, there’s no stopping ALEEX right now, as he continues to work in his goal to achieve greatness.

You can download the single “REAIS” for FREE using the following link:


REAIS – Aleex from INPU Music on Vimeo.

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