May 26, 2024

After winning the MY MUSIC BLOCK TV AWARD, and reaching out across the globe with his inspirational Gospel music through his single, “In My Heart”, dynamic gospel singer, songwriter and performer, Arthur Jae bounces back with his season’s greetings tune, “This Christmas”. For those still unclear about the artist’s roots, Arthur Jae is an award winning gospel and soul singer from Sacramento CA, who started singing in a church before launching his recording career. His abundance of music and videos are inspiring homes around the world, landing him on the Top 5 most searched artist, on platforms such as Wright Place TV Channel, Amazon, Roku, and Apple. “First of all, as a man of faith, it is my desire to let the world know, one person at a time that they can make a difference,” states Arthur Jae.

The universal language of music can be found everywhere in the world. Since mankind learned that we could bang objects and create rhythms, we have had some form of music. There is no form of music, though, that has been embraced across the globe quite like Christmas music. Likewise, the impact of Christmas music on the rest of the music world, both popular and traditional is substantial. However, to be fair and perfectly honest, the classic Christmas carols regurgitated each and every year have truly begun to wear out my ears.

Each New Year I pray that more and more artists release original Christmas songs, bringing a freshness and personal authenticity to the table’s seasonal delights. This year, the first of those inspirational artist’s to land on my desk, is none other than Arthur Jae.

There’s something simple and beautiful about well-conceived Christmas music like “This Christmas”, but apart from the themes of gratefulness and joy that Arthur Jae exclaims, it’s his solid vocal performance, and the luscious musical arrangement that really impresses.

Though “This Christmas” echoes the sentiment of plenty of other carols, its free of the sonic clichés, and cheap commercial-styled lyrics.  As Arthur Jae lays down the positives of his personal Christmas experience, with someone he loves, the music shimmers and shines with soulful glee.

The smooth-jazz inspired groove, shows off delicately warm keys, washes of rich string arrangements, and pro-active percussion that are simply supreme in their execution. On top of it all, Arthur Jae’s vocals continue to relentlessly pursue an iconic sound, putting his well-oiled cords to work against a shifting fabric of influences, including classic soul, contemporary R&B, and smooth jazz.

The result is a track with an entrapping environment that’s both hauntingly spiritual and singularly somatic. Arthur Jae’s triumphant seasonal optimism radiates throughout, making it a standout selection for those going through hard times, both in love and in life.

More than anything, we could use a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. These last two years haven’t been extraordinary in any positive ways; there’s really no way around it, and we can’t be sure yet, if this Christmas will be the best ever, but if we can harness our gratitude and listen to some really great music like “This Christmas” by Arthur Jae at the same time, I think that’s pretty amazing in itself. At least it provides us a sense of comfort, love and joy.


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