June 20, 2024

Rmsxchxp0 also known as Zombii or Psychedelic Demigod was born in the Southern part of Nigeria, in Rivers State. He moved to the capital at the age of 16, where he learned to appreciate music more with his fellow RUFFBOYS. Currently in Istanbul, Turkey, his music aims at reaching the world. The artist’s unique conversational and melodic style keeps him from sounding like everyone else on the radio. He’s already put out a few new singles, trying different flows, voices and beats throughout the tracks, but his latest “Mood Swings”, sounds like his best project so far.

Since his debut release, he’s retained an uncanny, hit-making ability with raps that approach the listeners in waves. His strength is becoming a curator of mood music that allows for endless listening while eliciting positive emotions from the first beat

When Rmsxchxp0 is alone and in charge, as he is on “Mood Swings”, he showcases an inherent ability to mesh with the atmospheric and haunting production that floods the project. The rapper’s flow allows him to become a chameleon, sounding right at home on the deep bass-booming beat.

He thrives in this zone, content to create dreamy hooks and slow-burning nuanced vocals. Flaunting his unique style of flow and voice here, it is clear that Rmsxchxp0 continues to develop his craft.

“Mood Swings”, when compared to his previous releases, is intimate and warm, with its trap-influenced production, piquing the listener’s curiosity enough to keep them onboard. As you travel deeper into the track, it’s clear that Rmsxchxp0 strived to create a song that both captures attention, and creates a vibe.

In other words, he actually cared about the music he was set to release. He wasn’t just recording a song to fill his playlist.  Rmsxchxp0 sounds so relaxed on the beat while providing a groove which people can easily bop their head to.

Rmsxchxp0’s lyrical ability is also underrated. Yes, he has the classic explicit bars that every rapper is required to have, but he brings so much more to the table. However, it is infectious flow that is hard to stop listening to and even harder not to be hypnotized by, on “Mood Swings”.

Any assumptions made about the quality of new wave hip-hop today are quickly dispelled by Rmsxchxp0. The vibe stays infectious and overall it’s a celebration of where the rapper is now, and excitement for what’s still to come.

Overall, Rmsxchxp0 gives a well-rounded, performance throughout the course of “Mood Swings”. With his approach, his performance is simultaneously warm and assertive. His flow is compelling, hypnotic, and rhythmic, capturing all the angles of the song.

The rapper has definitely put in the work required to stitch together a colorful sonic canvas. A great flow, great personality, and lovely production make “Mood Swings” a total vibe.


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