May 30, 2024

In the world of hip-hop, it’s hard to tell if B’zurkk is an outsider, a trendsetter or an elder statesman. He sits so squarely in his own lane that he cannot be compared to anyone else, or vice versa for that matter. He has a flair for dramatic, tongue-twisting verses that can alternate between idealistic poetry and real-life vicissitudes. The single “Light The Way”, shows Eric Garcia aka B’zurkk, experimenting with raw, shimmering sounds to remarkable effect. Born in Portales, raised in Clovis, NM, and now based in Englewood, CO, B’zurkk twists these sounds into a coherent whole as he rhymes effortlessly over the top. His gravelly and unique voice seems somewhat outside of the hip hop norm of the day, which is still in the throes of wallowing in both extreme mumble fantasies and astute auto-tuned melodies.

The mainstream’s loss becomes the underground’s gain, as this allows the Englewood rapper to experiment and produce his music in a relatively uncensored and uncontrolled fashion. B’zurkk’s unusual, storytelling drenched lyrics and creative delivery are not in keeping with the nursery rhyme plodding favored by his less astute colleagues. B’zurkk is a lyrical adventurer with a penchant for mid-tempo alternative grooves which form an infectious and compelling overall sound.

His latest release, “Light The Way”, is an absolute necessity for any true hip hop fan, while there is also something undeniably fresh on offer. Its nonchalance and seemingly effortless construction make for one of the coolest damn hip-hop records that I have heard this year.

It manages to maintain an edge within the smooth samples due to its lyrical strength, and soulful vocal delivery, which is both clever and intricate.  The effect is one which brings the listener back to the glory days of hip hop without imposing unnecessary nostalgia or needlessly re-treading old ground.

The minute you press play on “Light The Way”, you realize that this is a record which manages to breathe new life into a faltering genre and it’s a delight to hear it. There are some hip hop tracks that subscribe to the old school lyrical formula with such smooth clarity that stumbling upon them is a life-changing occurrence.

B’zurkk delivery is pretty self-explanatory on hearing the record, as he raps with such a high level of fortitude, you only need to sample four bars to calculate his role in underground hip hop. He is an imaginative yet straight-talking emcee with an honest reputation to substantiate his rhymes.

You’ll quickly discover that “Light The Way” produced by Sin Xmega (AMGMPantheonStudios) is loaded with deeply introspective moments, in multitudinous abundance, and on a molecular level.

Going full circle, and above all the other instrumental trinkets to be found on “Light The Way”, B’zurkk’s lyrical display is a defining factor. The rapping is about as original and well-honed as the genre can provide.

His is a voice that’s far-reaching and relentless, and it effortlessly stamps his identity upon the music. With this much thrilling elements, woven into the song, it’s not difficult to understand why it is so compelling, without ever needing to overwhelmingly encroach the ear.

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