May 25, 2024

I AM SHE is an R&B/Pop artist based in London, UK. Her first record label she signed to was Deevu Records in 2017 the alias ‘Unesha Marie’ where she featured on her first dance / electronic single consisting of melodic rap called ‘Drugs Are Better Without You’, the track received radio play across Europe and was remix was by Drum & Bass DJ Angel Farringdon.

Fast forward to 2020, she became an independent artist, she began writing and releasing music under her new stage name I AM SHE. So far, she has released singles which showcase her creative flair in R&B, EDM and Pop. Her artistry is unique and cannot be put in a box as each songs varies in conveyance of emotion, mood and beat.

I AM SHE has songs for every occasion as she enjoys captivating many with her lyrical style, vocal ability and versatility. Her musical direction is to consistently innovate and express individuality. Listen to I AM SHE’s highly anticipated single ‘HONEY’ now out on all music platforms.

Get immersed in her sultry music video with tantalizing visuals and eye-catching looks. The beat has a trap vibe and a sweet mood which complements the R&B feel I AM SHE brings to the song. ‘HONEY’ plays on fulfilling fantasies & desires, it expresses sensuality, it has sexy lyrics & a catchy melody which entices listeners.


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