May 29, 2024

Currently residing in Reno, NV, Lvndxnisdevd (Landon is Dead) is the stage name of Landon Bissett – an American rapper, singer-songwriter, entertainer and internet personality. He is a multi-genre artist, able to comfortably skate through rap, rock and metal flavors with equal ease. On his single “Love”, we can hear how easily, and with what amount of conviction Lvndxnisdevd executes a sadboi-styled rap song. It’s less of a flex than a statement of fact, which cuts straight to the heart, as Lvndxnisdevd sings: “I just want to fall in love”. The singer-songwriter croons his narrative through a sonic shimmer of picked guitars and a slow thumping beat.

The ash-choked words roll out with heartfelt authenticity. On “Love”, Lvndxnisdevd turns inward, without losing his rare ear for catchy melodic rap, and creates one of the most compelling tracks in his catalog.

Lvndxnisdevd is an enigma. He seems to have been around forever – and he has, considering his track releases can be traced to 10 years back – but every time he puts out a new release, it’s as though you’re hearing him for the first time.

“Love” showcases Lvndxnisdevd ability to craft chrome-plated hooks even onto slow burning ballads. The record sees him run the spectrum of melancholy, dreaminess and sentimentalism. It’s sonically an intoxicating scenario.

Amidst the track’s despairing haze, Lvndxnisdevd delivers added emotionality, without falling into too much overwhelming melodrama.  Overflowing with understated charm, the sticky track wields a syrupy sweet hook from the rapper, while the song reaches into its organic cauldron of acoustic guitar sounds, and skittering hi-hats.

“Love” is proof that the emotional complexities of Lvndxnisdevd’s music are more than what meets the ears; it incites a conflicting feeling within, through its sweet melodic quality belies how dark his lyrics really can be.

What on the surface can be considered as simply “nice” and “gorgeous,” are really profound sentiments textured with ear-warming audio elements. Lvndxnisdevd’s strength lies in his nuanced understanding of the song’s aesthetics, and his willingness to take creative risks.

This track seems like the ultimate blend of every captivating element that has emerged from Lvndxnisdevd’s melodic artistic path, as opposed to the others. There’s a deep romantic sad boy soul in “Love”, which adds a ton of poignancy to the recording.

What really makes it a potential staple of contemporary rap and hip-hop music, is the level of artistic consciousness the track reaches. All of which brings us closer to the definition of an artist who is complex, multifaceted and, consequently, real.

Through his trials and tribulations as an artist seeking to develop and authenticate his own sound, “Love” is a product of such growth, allowing his melodic en­ter­prises to reach peak de­vel­op­ment. Lvndxnisdevd looks deep in­ward in his mu­sic, and has in­vested himself in mak­ing mean­ing­ful and ex­plo­rative pro­jects.

He is steadily progressing forward in his career, making pieces of greatness along the way. “Love” is a definitive standout from Lvndxnisdevd, and has proven he has the potential to be a phenomenal artist.

Moreover, Lvndxnisdevd is running a fundraiser for the homeless in Sacramento to help out with costs to connect the homeless to services. Reach out to him for info.


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