July 21, 2024

Joshua Josiah Hunt aka Jayy Josiah is an underdog artist who started off recording on an iPhone 7 Plus, 2 years ago. Alongside some friends who are also independent artists, they created a collective known as WeAreUs. Jayy’s latest release, is the project “Sweater Szn”, which has been raking in critical acclaim, affording him an interview spot on Billboard HipHop 100. A father of a baby boy Jayy Josiah is pursuing his dream to leave a mark on the Hip-Hop and Rap industry, for being the first to do so, from where he comes from.

Music fans, in general, are given to the tendency of comparing a newer artist to an older one. They do so to provide a frame of reference for comparison and to determine how good the new artist is at conveying a specific emotion, style, idea, or vibe.

If that’s really the case, Jayy Josiah, is the ultimate rapping beast who will be compared to many of his lyrically-driven peers. To be fair though, comparing Jayy to any other rappers is a reductive exercise, as he simply sounds like himself.

Jayy Josiah has a unique approach wordplay. He’s capable of twisting and distorting the rules of rhyming to fit his own aesthetic.  On his latest project “Sweater Szn”, Jayy’s focus is setting himself apart from every other rapper by proving that not only can he do it all, but he can do it better than just about anyone else. And that’s pretty obvious from the opening track, “Sweater Man”, where runs a stream of breathless non-stop rhymes.

On “Mean Face”, there are times in his verses where he barrels relentlessly through a barrage of cascading lines. All the time he is also pumping nuance and vibe into the track. Underneath, the repeating synth creates a mesmerizing web of sound that will hypnotize your senses.

Jayy Josiah shifts gears on “Lui Kane” ft. Aveon Winfield. The beat bangs, and the production introduces a melodic hook, to round things off beautifully. The cinematic “Boss” ft. Aveon Winfield, unravels some more spectacular wordplay and flows. For the record, Winfield is Jayy’s childhood friend and a co-owner of WeAreUs Inc.

Jayy Josiah’s gifts are apparent in the way he contorts and stretches his voice, contracting and expanding syllables and the spaces between them. Whatever he does, he’s always in control, guiding the song towards the direction he wants it to go. Jayy raps over this complete and refined production with confidence and finesse.

Throughout project “Sweater Szn”, Jayy Josiah’s sound choices are quite unique; often, he raps on beats that are equally chilling as they are slamming. The soundscapes are dense, but still manage to fit Jayy’s deliveries. His non-stop lyrical style sounds like the hip-hop bridge between the modern scene and traditional rap cultures. It’s as if Jayy Josiah only needs one breath to get through a whole verse.

Forceful and full of adrenaline, with insane flows and smart lyricism, “Sweater Szn” is a great exercise in Jayy Josiah’s talent. It is very good and will push Jayy’s name further in the rap community. No doubt, he certainly warrants mass amounts of praise for this work.


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