July 18, 2024

Born and raised from Plainfield, NJ, Malik Pollux began writing and making music his senior year of high school and only recently begun to pursue a musical career in late 2019 of his junior year of college. Since beginning his musical journey, he has dropped multiple singles and projects such as the EP “Cupid Confessions”, and the singles “Money Trees” and “Understand My Vibe” ft. Rey Morado. Something about Malik’s music is just so fun, chill, and addicting.

His latest singles are the perfect example of this. Pollux’s style of rapping is definitely unique and the production just puts every song over the edge. On these songs, Malik Pollux continues to effortlessly blend sounds while showing he is comfortable singing as well as rapping.

Malik Pollux flexes his vocal dexterity across “Money Trees”. His natural voice can dial up a melodic style at will, and his vocal mastery is so rare that it’s hard to tell if he’s singing or just flowing on a regular rapping rhyme scheme.

The harmonious keys and booming bass pleases the soul in a special way, while Malik shines by sprinkling creative wordplay across the tune. It’s clear that the forward-thinking rapper has fun exploring various sounds.

“Money Trees” is the kind of music which can captivate so much that all you want to do is sit back, listen to the sonic beauty, and smile. Few other artists take such a creative and understated approach in blending styles and crafting lyrics.

The result of Malik Pollux’s sonic exploration is a song that is an intense pleasure to listen to. The track reveals an artist with a diverse palette, who is just comfortable doing what he is doing.

Moreover, Malik Pollux’s music never quite does what you expect it to do. At times this can be intoxicating. “Understand My Vibe” brings a jazzy retro-soul groove, showing that Malik is capable of genius stylistic changes. It’s obvious Pollux has an abundance of talent, which he doesn’t even need to try too hard to show us. All of which hints at a maturing artist who has confidently found a number of signature sounds.

Malik Pollux’s seems to have a commitment to destroying the idea of a comfort zone and this should be applauded, especially in an era where certain artists put out the same song, over and over again. It’s a perfect indicator of his versatility.

The easygoing mood on “Understand My Vibe” ft. Rey Morado, mirrors that beautiful feeling of being halfway into the perfect joint, as it shows off Malik’s tongue-twisting ability as a lyricist, with the background harmonies in full support.

On listening to the singles “Money Trees” and “Understand My Vibe”, it emerges that Malik Pollux makes his intricate sound seem so effortless. His signature singsong rap, layered over expansive, vibe-inducing beats, make his songs beautifully complex, creating timeless sounding classics from scratch.

What makes these tracks so strong is the combination of the groovy production and smoothly colored lyrics, as Malik Pollux rides the beats with his breathless flow and crisp enunciation.


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