May 25, 2024

Taran Richards has been producing music for 15 years. In December 2020, he signed a major distribution deal with Amada Records / SSGE & RNTM. His last two releases have been broadcasted on NBC Comcast TV in the U.S and many other Radio stations worldwide. Taran released a song called “Are You Ready” in December last year that has now made it to 25 in the Album Billboard Charts twice and was number 5 in the iTunes Album Charts. Taran’s track “Are You Ready” was featured on the Red Devil compilation album hosted by Redman and DJ Snow White. Taran is not only a Songwriter, Music Producer, Vocal Producer and Solo Artist but has now become Reel Brothers Productions Music Manager / Music Supervisor and is currently working on his 4th film project. Follow his journey, subscribe to his YouTube channel to see his music videos and upcoming releases.

Taran Richards is on radio rotation with the track B.U.I ft. Joseph & F. Dot-Fernandez.


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