June 24, 2024

Eric Garcia aka B’zurkk has been lurking at the edges of alternative hip hop for a while now. During this time his reveled in a sound-world that is utterly unique and compelling. Born in Portales and raised in Clovis, NM, the rapper is now based in Englewood, CO, where he pushes mainstream hip-hop’s fascination with the psychedelic to a logical extreme. His latest single, “Zero.Zero” pushes further out into cosmic sounds, which feel like a retort to ‘90s boom-bap traditionalism and a rip towards futuristic changing fashions. B’zurkk reshapes our perceptions of reality under his cryptic, illustrative take on hip-hop.

When B’zurkk expands a particular vision, he opts for a more concise alternative in its place. “Zero.Zero” has plenty of mass appeal regardless of its unconventional style, but still B’zurkk entices us just enough by adding bits of flair. This is quintessential B’zurkk working his celestial magic.The rapper’s lyrical delivery is beyond impressive here, but while it’s not surprising the distance he’s willing go to create a moment, it’s rather what he uncovers while he’s there.

B’zurkk often sounds like his able to be futuristic while also remaining rooted in tradition. You could shuffle his discography without any track coming across as a betrayal of his talents. What also makes a strong impression on the listener during and after listening to “Zero.Zero”, is the dense, yet expansive musical production. The repeated keys underneath the vocal performance here is entrancing and just mysterious enough to give the song a darker, deeper undertone than it might otherwise have.

The depth and momentum on display in “Zero.Zero” reaches maddening heights. The best moments in B’zurkk’s catalog create appealing, tangible moods, and this entire song builds that kind of busy atmosphere.

The song sticks to such a mesmerizing mood that you can forget how long you’ve been listening. Time slips away, and the mindset takes over. Better still, B’zurkk’s words create impressions as strong as the music with which they’re paired.

B’zurkk weaves in and out the beat with his endless flow. Few artists can evoke such natural improvisation with hip-hop production, but B’zurkk embodies the imaginative minds of the free-jazz masters.

The rapper approaches his non-stop verbiage like an impressionistic soloist, once again highlighting his ability to combine dexterous musicality and hypnotic repetition. You don’t realize how deep you’re into the song until it releases its grip, necessitating multiple listens to fully register B’zurkk’s lethal bars.

B’zurkk has never done anything other than what he wants to do. “Zero.Zero” can easily win over experimental hip-hop, alternative rap aficionados, or even classic head-bangers, so long as they keep an open mind and let the sonic tides engulf them. B’zurkk is here to challenge our perceptions of hip hop, of ourselves, our lives, the world, and the universe.

Few artists these days have the ability like B’zurkk to assuredly stand in opposition of the mainstream sound and roll out their own musical ideologies without fear. “Zero.Zero” sonically occupies a different time and space compared to its contemporaries. It’s moving in a higher atmosphere.



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