May 26, 2024

Dr. Ish is based in Atlanta Ga, but currently in Asia. He is a professor of International Finance and loves music. He has authored 22 books on A USPTO inventor, Dr. Ish is also the inventor of the double-sided Busuyi Guitar. You can find out about the fabulous guitars patented by Dr. Ish on the Busuyi Guitar Website, but what we’d like to elaborate on here is the single “Baba”, taken from the CD “Report”, which showcases Dr. Ish’s Gospel leanings and the solid songwriting and performance qualities which envelop the track.

Double-sided Busuyi Guitar

“Baba” gets off to a superb start, with an extended, celestial, reggae-influenced instrumental. While ear candy and gospel music don’t usually reside within the same sentence, the production has some awesome moments here.  Dr. Ish gets to work doing what he does best – praising the Lord. Beginning with poise, eventually the track steadily percolates to something even grander and chocked full of the spirit.

“Baba” showcases the adventurous of gospel music.  With the many preconceived notions of black gospel, the song moves beyond the traditional, cliché script. While the keyboard hits steal the show, the bass line has a claim to fame as well, prominently featured, anchoring things down.  There’s also the message itself – that’s central. “Baba” is reverent, soothing, and beautiful. The lyrics are built for times of tribulation, providing hope, inspiration, and peace.

The melody is another selling point here. Furthermore, Dr. Ish reaches deep here, truly making the listener feel the same, proud spirit he feels and sings with.  Adding to the excellence is the construction of the song – the form, the harmonic progression, and the choral perfection.  Dr. Ish showcases a beautiful vocal tone throughout the course of “Baba”.

The “Report” Cd Cover

As the song progresses, the performance grows progressively more convincing, thanks to authentic, emotional lead vocals, backing choral vocals, and dynamic production.  Gospel music is naturally filled with the spirit, meant to uplift its recipients. “Baba” packs the same punch, giving the listener the utmost hope and conviction to make it through life’s many tribulations.

This song could easily be found in rotation on Contemporary Christian music stations. Dr. Ish doesn’t leave the song liming in the abstract.  Rather, he is careful to take his Biblical-based message and make it palatable to the average layperson making sure that they sing and sting in our hearts with an ingrained passion for the Lord. “Baba” elicits the beauty of Jesus in a way that will make you want to jump up and groove along to the hypnotizing beat.

What makes “Baba” such a winsome record is Dr. Ish’s innate ability of not only understanding the depth of the song, but also his competence to communicate it. Ultimately Dr. Ish’s positivity and engaging presence is utterly contagious, making “Baba” an accessible and joyous release. Dr. Ish has created a single that has a classic feel to it, but also a refreshing sound and lyrics that will uplift and encourage in the unprecedented times we are living in.


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