July 19, 2024

On his new EP, “Gyals Round Circle”, the artist Culji, proves that his sound is rare and like no other. He incorporates a groove, chill and melody into this recording that is not typically seen executed so smoothly and effortlessly in modern urban music. Through his syncopated, tropical flavored rhythms and captivating pop melodies, Culji has created a recording that truly stands out. The artist throws a hundred different vocal nuances into the mix. His default singing voice is weightless and honeyed to the point of being captivating. All of his vocal tricks help Culji shape words to make them rhyme beautifully or to unlock new vibes, by folding them up into his ear-catching melodies.

Described as a results-oriented and compassionate individual who takes pride in supporting and teaching youth groups all fundamental sports, recreational and music skills, Culji also prides himself in being a reliable and dedicated musician, skilled in construction work, landscaping, as well as other commercial and residential tasks supporting his community within a fast-paced environment. Now ready to build his fan-base and move to the next level, “Gyals Round Circle” presents itself as the perfect launching pad.

Culji incorporates both classic and futuristic sounds into his music through his catchy beats and varying rhythms that further set him apart from the crowd. His transitions between passionately sung choruses and smoothly executed verses allow him to convey his message and style with crystalline precision. The allure of Culji on the opening track “Back To It”, is his airy voice and effortless wordplay. Culji’s nuanced and melodic accent pushes out rhymes that flow like a free running stream.

The beat on “Back To It” keeps a hip-swaying momentum, while the production is warm and soft despite all the rhythmic maneuvers. Even if there are the voices which inform Culji’s sonic aesthetic, he has a style and charisma all his own.

He refuses to mold himself in the image of any one artist, and that comes shining through here. He is comfortable flexing his own innate wares, as the hypnotizing reggae strains subtly make their way through his sound.

“Caribana Gyall” highlights a sultrier sound, and a slower burning groove, as Culji sinks his melodic tones deep into the song’s core. His very artistic approach to music distinguishes his music type from that of others in the genre. Culji represents creativity in its essence.

While producer is the genius behind the beat, Culji further proves to be the perfect match with his bright vocals and impressive tones. He keeps the romantic lyricism straightforward and relatable.  Each of the song’s elements make for an amalgamation that creates a triumphant piece of sonic art.

Culji vocals in “Caribana Gyall” are something only a professional could achieve; eschewing any overwhelming pretentiousness, the dexterity of notes he hits is truly ear warming. Culji’s individuality separates him from his contemporaries, as he creates his own space in the game.

While he keeps a cool vibe throughout, Culji still incorporates impressive lyricism through his bars. On “Gyals Round Circle”, Culji tells his stories over cultivated and interesting rhythmic landscapes. Sophistication is the name of his game.

Connect with all Culji, and all streams here: https://linktr.ee/culji

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