May 29, 2024

Michelle Miller Bell is one of the most versatile voices and all around entertainers of the worship music world heard in the last few years, so it is no surprise her latest single, “In Excellence”, bursts with vocal perfection and a lushly layered musical arrangement. With it’s piano and horn-stacked production, the track moves forward on a simmering groove. Lyrically speaking, the new song celebrates both God’s glory and His love for all of creation, which is overtly apparent throughout. There is a new sense of authority and urgency in Michelle Miller Bell’s music here. She has clearly lived this song, and is ready to share the strength and purpose she has found in her faith.

Michelle Miller Bell is a National Gospel Recording Artist, born as Michelle Miller in Chicago Illinois, now resides in Lansing, Michigan. Michelle discovered her singing ability at the age of 12 when she was asked to sing at her elementary school graduation.

She later began singing and playing drums in her childhood church, where she became one of the praise and worship leaders. While working in the church as a youth leader, choir director and musician, God called Michelle into the ministry of preaching.

Michelle’s singing and preaching opened many doors, and she eventually caught the attention of record label owner Michael Bell, CEO of Bell Time Records, who is now her record producer and husband. Michelle Miller Bell releases new music each year, and “In Excellence”, is simply the next step in her evolving career.

Propelled by the singer’s strong, passionate vocals, the track sounds like it was conceived to bring healing and hope to the world after a turbulent chapter in its history. There is plenty to unpack from a lyrical standpoint, and Michelle Miller Bell is in command on “In Excellence”.

She dominates the song with her charisma, vocal presence, and narrative skills. The track fiercely showcases the powerhouse pipes that has assisted Michelle on each of her releases, and the singer excels particularly well with power-building worship anthems like “In Excellence”. Michelle’s talent combines with the music to bring about a worship experience that will excite, ignite and unite.

In an industry that is oversaturated with synthentic and electronic musical backdrops, what many will find refreshing is the fact that Michelle Miller Bell lets organic-sounding instruments take center stage, giving the music more of an authentic feel on “In Excellence”. Michelle allows her abilities to translate across the spectrum of the track. Like a seasoned spiritual coach, she is firm in the articulation of her beliefs and faith through this stately anthem.

While many of Michelle Miller Bell’s peers have tried to diversify into the secular market, by camouflaging their faith in certain circumstances, this is never Michelle’s temptation. She has always kept Christ central in all her songs.

“In Excellence” is a bouncy slice of soul that makes great use of a horn section and a groovy funk-driven vibe. The arrangement of the horn section alone is worth the price of admission. “In Excellence” will surely get the audiences on their feet, as well as lift their spirits. This single is a solid testament of what Michelle Miller Bell is all about.


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