May 19, 2024

A vibrant Masked DJ/Producer, DJ Deesea is an artist from Ft. Worth TX, has seen what our world has become. Our souls are tethered to our devices, fed a constant stream of negativity, hatred, tragedy. Today’s Society is a reflection of the world we live in, the desire to let go of all that keeps us tethered to this world, to escape.

This album includes a variety of tracks that take us on a journey through DJ Deesea’s vibrant imagination, allowing us to see into a new world for the briefest of moments. “Todays Society”, which released 3/1/22, is an all-instrumental album that is rooted in escapism, the willful ignorance we steep ourselves in to drown out all the negativity that surrounds us.

Wearing all black, masked in public symbolizes the immortality that comes with anonymity, how the loss of one’s identity in a virtual space can lead to the development of an entirely new persona, so far removed from who we are; deeper, more indulgent, more ‘real’ than the masks we are forced to wear in the real world.

He is no stranger to negativity, to tragedy; mental illness, heart disease, all of these things have been a struggle. DJ Deesea instead took the negativity and sorrow clouding his mind and weaved it into a plethora of echoing positivity awaiting to splash into speakers around the world.

Accompany DJ Deesea in the journey to tranquility and serenity within. Escape from Today’s Society. DJ Deesea is on radio rotation with the track “Vibes”, from the album “Today’s Society”.

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