May 27, 2024

“But ain’t no letting up, Im a fighter to the end, big crown up on my head, I’m a champion”. Fighting talk from North Carolina’s self-styled ‘King of the North’ Worm Boogee. Born in Brooklyn NY, raised in Greensboro, NC it is fair to say that Denzel’s mantra has been perseverance since he began writing music since aged 10. Now, we bear witness to what he is truly capable of with his striking new track ‘Champion’. With an unmistakable flow and strong production coming from Brooklyn based Lil Xane OTB, his latest drop has now been unleashed on the world and is ready to hit the airwaves ahead of his ‘King of the North’ mixtape release in April. This promises to further bolster his profile as a major player in Hip-Hop but for now, Worm Boogee is certainly one to watch.

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