May 25, 2024

Monty R is a 20-year-old hip-hop artist who grew up in both West Virginia and Tennessee. On his 11-track album “Cognitive Cadenza”, Monty R maintains a vocal bounce in cadence to glide effortlessly over percussion, shimmering guitars and melodic synths, flaunting a sonically striking delivery that combines a unique blend of contemporary rap, demanding recognition. His slippery vocals float through the songs, as he shifts from the upper reaches of his melodic flows to taut, punchy rapping so smoothly and instantly.

“Cognitive Cadenza” is an engaging album – lyrically inventive, sonically unique and artistically indulgent, it represents the new school at the peak of its powers. Boasting something for everyone, the record showcases an artist who’s impressively surefooted in his craft. While he may not be a household name just yet, don’t be surprised to see Monty R’s name on billboards at some point in the near future.

The album kicks off with “Fire (Intro)”, a smooth, atmospheric opener in which Monty R gives listeners a taste of his relentless wordplay and flow. It sets the tone for the rest of the album, and it lets the listener know what to expect – superfast spitting and smooth hooks, combined with clever lyricism, and backed by unique production. Which is exactly what the rapper brings to table on “Running”.

Another excellent song from the project comes up next, with the singsong mantra of “Wish”, which is particularly mesmerizing. Monty R’s delivery on this track is unique, as his sudden changes of inflection give the song boosts of energy. However, there is not a single song on this project, which I believe should not be on it. The album is a beautifully crafted assortment of catchy tunes with banging beats.

“Trip” ft. MarvEllis draws you into its cosmic groove right from the get-go, and pushes you towards the melodic twist of “WTF!” ft. Ghandiii. But it’s “Poetry In Motion” that really locks you in to it’s momentum. Monty R’s signature sing/rap flow is as rousing as it is accessible. The rapper outshines the corniness and repetitiveness that plagues many of his new wave contemporaries, by playing to his biggest strength: his ambitious lyricism.

While the piano-driven production impresses on “Dreaming”, its Monty R’s variety of complex flows and solid writing which are the highlights. Here, he stretches, contorts and relaxes his voice into various patterns. Monty R’s varied vocal styles and speeds leads you through each song without a hitch. “In My Zone” hits on all cylinders with a rumbling bassline and an overpowering keyboard.

“High” is masterful in its production, perfectly balancing the reverberating vocals with skittering drums and thundering bass throughout. Monty R also lays down a hypnotic hook, which adds another level of catchiness to the track. All throughout the album, Monty R shines over any and every beat, and it certainly helps that the recording is packed with top-notch production.

Monty R kicks off the verses on “Hit The Gas” like a bat out of hell and is nearly impossible to keep up with at times. He is a rare talent that can unleash fast flows, but can also take things back a notch and deliver a slow hook just as well. The album closer, “For My Baby” ft. The Professor switches the template to a swinging groove.

Monty R seemingly did the impossible on “Cognitive Cadenza”. His flows seem to keep evolving as he somehow shows more skill on his verses, from track to track. The artist effortlessly fuses styles, tonality, and perspectives, to give listeners an eclectic vision of his thoughts and experiences. Where can Monty R go from here? All we can do is watch.


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