July 23, 2024

Wade2wavey is an artist coming out of the UK, with a will to change the lives of the average working person. “I need to make it, it’s my duty to the people. Positive change needs to be made. I hope my music and prosperity from my musical endeavors help us achieve this,” states the artist boldly and proudly. The music on his new single, “Lonely”, is a mix of different pop, trap and hip-hop influences which Wade2wavey elevates to fit the tonal mood he is feeling. He has tackled nuances of bounce in his production before, but it never sounded as fully immersive as it does on his new single. This self-assured nature stems from his insane talent, which has allowed him to stand out amongst his contemporaries. All of his projects have been different from the previous, and he shines on each project.

There is no denying that “Lonely” sets aflame his emotions and lets them culminate through the sound system and into the air. The song offers insight toward a progression with consistent appearances and drops from Wade2wavey, of which he has already done a few. On this track, he pivots between straight rapping and committing to utilizing his voice as a mood-setting, melody-manipulating instrument. Thanks also in part to the smartly curated production; the music on here is extremely captivating.

“Lonely’s” greatest strength is its ability to place Wade2wavey’s vivid personal narrative with a more casual chilled-out aesthetic, while not sacrificing any of the intimacy and intensity. There is an overall warmth to the beat, laden with smooth bass and thumping drums.

On top, his lyricism maintains a carefree tone as his voice impresses unequivocally. Wade2wavey is on a mission to take his music to new heights.  He might be one of a kind, but what really makes him shine is that he is so much of so many.

Wade2wavey has never been more deft with the tools of melody and rhythm. In an age defined by the shrinking distance between rap and other genres, Wade2wavey has a preternatural ability to bring out the best in all.

He has one-offs and punch lines that will cave a hole in your chest, and melodic flourishes that are simply mesmerizing. “Lonely” is a track that paints a beautiful picture and brings out all the strengths in Wade2wavey’s repertoire without any low points to speak of.

“Lonely” is a concept executed with razor-edge precision. A passionate, soulful project with the healing power of many hours of therapy. The overall unification of production and vocals are something not to be undermined.  It’s rare for a track to sound so cohesive in all areas, but Wade2wavey found a way to make that happen.

This record will surely be a milestone in his blossoming career. Wade2wavey has all the tools to craft his perfect piece, and “Lonely” is just the foundation. Expect him to grow and mature as time goes on; his potential is high now, we just have to wait and see if he delivers.


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