July 13, 2024

The track “Day 1” by  North Carolina based hip-hop and rap artist, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer, Guala Armani, is the kind of music that can captivate so much that all you want to do is sit back, listen to the sonic beauty, and smile. Few other artists take such a creative approach in blending styles and crafting lyrics. Guala makes his intricate sound seem so effortless. His signature laidback delivery, layered over an assuming beat, makes this song beautifully addicting, creating a timeless classic from scratch.  Guala’s lyrics reflect the level of nonchalant confidence he’s on, without losing that poignant yet scattered flow he utilizes so well.

A first generation American born to an Argentinian father and Colombian mother in Queens, New York. His parents introduced him to artists such as the Beatles, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Queen and Michael Jackson.

This iconic music is what has shaped Guala Armani into the musician he is today. In the 2000s, he began resonating with hip-hop and rap giants like Jay-Z and Eminem. He studied their lyrics and became enthralled with hip-hop/rap culture. The move was quick from bedroom rapper to finding himself in rap battles.

Today Guala Armani represents Mulatto Mafia Music, and has become an efficient rapper, producer and engineer. He also does work for various North Carolinian independent artists, among them are fellow label/crew members, Banco El Jefe and Caino. His single, “Day 1”, was written, produced and performed by himself.

What is most remarkable to me about Guala Armani is his compression and elongation of words and phrases, bending his flow around every turn of the beat so that his bars cut off at just the right moments.

“Day 1” establishes Guala Armani as a true artist in a time where few can truly create. His rise is coming at a crucial time; mainstream rap is becoming increasingly homogenous, sacrificing soul and creativity for efficiency and popularity.

The sound he creates is intriguing, but the true power of Guala’s music lies in his lyrics and vocals. This is where his skill truly lies; his wordplay, and his ability to add emotion and meaning to the simplest of lines is one of his best talents.  The artist knows what he’s good at and consistently does it without fault.

Today, the increasing quality of producers, mean that lyricism takes a backseat to the sound of a recording. While it encourages innovation in terms of production, vocal timbre and melody, it means lyricism is a dying art in the rap industry, which is a shame, because it was this, that produced some of the best talents in musical history.

Guala Armani bucks the modern norm, as he keeps both the production and lyricism at the forefront of his songs, while also giving it a vibe – an essential element in new wave production. All of this is what makes Guala Armani’s music unique and interesting, and is what he develops on “Day 1”. Guala’s execution brings all of the song’s facets together binding the music’s approach into one digestible ball of understated energy that hits you in your soul.


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