May 18, 2024

It starts with an endless passion for music, the rap battles straight out of the hood, and doing everything else for fun, and not really thinking that far ahead, as to make a career out of music. This was indeed the case for Freddie Brown aka Freddieb the great, who was just doing the rap game for fun, together with his brother and uncle. They did those rap sessions together on weekends, while the two used to encourage him to get into the studio and release music.

Following their deaths, Freddie decided to honor their wish, and carry on the legacy, and believes that they saw in him coming though with his first-ever released singled dubbed “2cups”. If you feel thirsty for that creative output, this track will quench your thirst with its melodic abundance escalated by the knife-edge lyrical and flow dexterity that Freddieb the great displays in his natural state.

This track is a stunning display of talent, authenticity, and versatility at the core, with the hip-hop quintessential beats powered by the heavy bass lines, the sparkling beat synths, and not forgetting the vivacious drum lines. All this ravish display in instrumentation is met with his witty lyrical adeptness, and flexibility nimbleness, to both dazzle and succeed in offering the catchy hooks and phrases and still deliver flawless punchlines without dropping a sweat.

It’s like he was born for this, and he, like an elite pro of sorts delivers a match-winning performance with his rap flows and blows, as a result of playing in his favorite stomping ground – don’t hate the player, hate the game!

With this marking the grand entrance, for what is a foreseeable, excellent, and successful future in the hip-hop game, Freddieb the great, is on the starting line to a fruitful career that will end in him cementing his legacy in superstardom. And if you still harbor some doubts, you might want to know that the track “2cups” is already pulling numbers on streaming platforms, having amassed over 7.9 K streams on Spotify alone, since it was released a few days ago. Listeners are already paying attention and it won’t be long before the whole of the hip-hop industry does!

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(Originally published on African Hype)

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