May 28, 2024

Tarek is a producer who collaborates with different artists from all over the world. He has been making music since he was 14, and started official dropping tracks for about 2 years. The summer banger “Want You” features Coqi Santana. In three words, this single is sleek, futuristic, and fresh. The whole thing is very catchy and after just one listen, you are immediately going to be able to recite the lyrics. “We are perfect together and this could be forever. For me baby nothing compares to you. I’ll do everything just for you. I will always want you.” How could you possibly go wrong with easy relatability such as this?

Sometimes it can take a while for breakout producers to find their identity. Interestingly, that is not the case for ascendant talent Tarek. His versatility in the ever-widening genre of pop and dance music reflects the stylistic-hopping DNA of the industry’s upcoming stars. His discography is a pastiche of diverse EDM/Pop influences. There’s an undeniable self-confidence, that threads its way through “Want You” ft. Coqi Santana, building on the energy and experience of Tarek’s previous releases.

The entrancing EDM beat will lodge itself in your head with the effectiveness of an elevator tune, but with the energy of a dance party. It inspires an almost uncontrollable urge to just dance while you savor the romantic lyrics, all wrapped up in longing and love.

“There’s nothing that I want more than you and me. Can’t you see?” recites the song. “We are perfect together and this could be forever.” This takes any listener instantly on a rollercoaster ride fueled by adrenaline, as Tarek and Coqi ride us through the passion for love and dancing.

“Want You” ft. Coqi Santana is nothing short of a scorching bright star in a time where everyone needs a little more light and love in their lives. Tarek delivers a track that is polished to a sheen but full of raw emotion, relatable and clever.

It’s overrunning with an ear-warming melody, unexpected musical flourishes and a beat that propels the momentum with energy. Dance music rarely feels this good and positive. Tarek pulls it off in a way that few relative newcomers can. His production oozes cool while it delivers fire.

Tarek has shown with “Want You” ft. Coqi Santana, that he can be a powerhouse in the pop and dance world and still allow his creative vision to be at the forefront. There should always be music that feels this good.

The song sets itself as a piece of music designed to be heard and danced to, with a vibrant sound, a catchy structure, and its own personality. It is beautifully enhanced by the smooth and soaring vocals, the resonant synth lines, and the heartfelt lyrics. Groovy, bouncy, and delightfully melodic, “Want You” ft. Coqi Santana is hard to ignore.

This record is more than Tarek leveling up; this is a producer zeroing in on a specific sound and concept, and working at the height of his abilities to bring his vision to life. Tarek and Coqi Santana really nailed that vision in terms of production and vocal execution.


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