May 19, 2024

Influenced by the likes of Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, and Lil’ Wayne, Oakland, CA artist, beatmaker and producer, Mojo Bruh has been creating music for over 15 years. “The first time I ever wrote a rap, it was after I heard Bling Bling by The Hot Boyz, and ever since I have been working on creating a lane for myself,” says Mojo. The singles “I.B.M.” and “Worth It” gives a fair overview of the California artist’s skillset.

It is almost impossible to not distinguish Mojo Bruh’s voice in a sea of cloned deliveries from his contemporaries. What initially drew me into listening to the rapper was the uniqueness his voice held throughout “I.B.M.”. Through his ability to rhyme with an unusual flow, he creates a cleverly mixed track, which walks an alternative path.

“I.B.M.” rides on a stripped down percussive and bass-booming soundscape, on which Mojo Bruh drops both staccato and syncopated flows. This is an eclectic and refreshing piece of work, which sounds completely different from what you’re hearing on the circuit right now.

It truly feels as if the artist is trying to immerse you in the artistry of the music and the unconventional flow of his voice. Much like some of his influences, Mojo Bruh creates a diverse body of music that brings a new perspective of what  hip-hop can sound like.

“I.B.M.” has a unique sound to it that really shows the individuality in Mojo Bruh’s sonic aesthetic. However, if you’re thinking that he only creates left-field tracks for the heads, think again. “Worth It” is a completely different story.

It has all the elements of catchy new wave rap. Here Mojo Bruh unpacks his rapid-fire flow and his ability to deliver mesmerizing melodic lines. The banging beat and the catchiness of the explicit lyrics create an infectious song that gets stuck in your head easily.

The way Mojo Bruh configures his words in tempo works amazingly, it is the perfect mix of catchy, melodic, and talented. I am surprised by his vocabulary and the ability that he has to connect words and phrases, in two completely different styles and songs such “I.B.M.” and “Worth It”.

Rap certainly needs refreshing musical personalities like Mojo Bruh. He is a personality with a unique flow and a couple of amazing songs. The combination of Mojo Bruh’s delivery and the production is one that can put you in a trance.

With “I.B.M.” and “Worth It”, you have the opportunity to listen to each individual sound but also appreciate it as a whole, as each sound uniquely contributes to what makes Mojo Bruh one of the most stylized and unique new artists you can listen to today.

They are excellent showcases of not only Mojo Bruh effortless versatility – but his command of multiple styles of rapping. While, to be versatile simply implies a wide range of abilities, what Mojo Bruh shows is pure dynamism – or rather, an adaptive mastery of these multiple styles of rapping. Moreover, these tracks have an incredible amount of thought and talent poured into them.


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