May 21, 2024

Paps is a rapper who comes out of a borough called Dagenham in Greater London (UK). He successfully tackles a different niche of hip-hop by making it raw yet smooth with his resonating vocals combined with his raspy sounds. His very artistic and realistic approach distinguishes his music from that of many others in the genre. While the dark and booming beat in “3 Am in Dag” bangs, Paps further proves to be the perfect match with his bright vocals and impressive lyricism. He represents creativity in its essence. If you listen to his songs one by one, each has a completely different sound but the amalgamation of all creates a triumphant artist.

Paps’ vocals in “3 Am in Dag” are something only a professional could achieve; the dexterity of nuances he hits is truly exceptional. While he has this amazing voice, he doesn’t stop there, switching flows to make it even more dynamic and inventive.

He changes his tone, representing his ability to play on different emotions and create a variety of atmospheres. Paps’ individuality separates him from other rap artists as he combines multiple styles and sounds to create a new space in the game.

His stylistic development and pivot from his previous track, “Dripping” differentiates him as more than a one-hit wonder. His fresh take on rap expressed through exceptional artistic qualities makes “3 Am in Dag” a single to remember.

The track represents the mastery of his understanding of rap and the desire to express his own inventiveness while simply doing his thing. The versatility of Paps’ voice and language as well as his ability to bend clever quips or witty wordplay into each of his rhymes, makes him captivating.

The allure of Paps is his weighty voice and effortless wordplay. Paps’ accent pushes out rhymes that most USA rappers wouldn’t dream of throwing together. He folds his clever little rhymes into hard-hitting stories.

Today the world of music has become increasingly inventive, obscured by non-categorizable stylings and indescribable cadences, stemming from hip-hop’s ultra-modern core. In this wild chaos, Paps’ creative stylings remains structured and recognizable.

Moreover, Paps is authentic and grounded. He will often pull directly from his personal life, his surroundings, and his current outlook. As he does on “3 Am in Dag”. The track ends up being a smooth, urgent and robust journey that blends a slapping beat with Paps’ booming voice. In fact, Paps stands out by having a bigger voice than most, which shows itself in full bloom here. He has a characteristic of immediacy and creativity while speaking on relatable subject matter.

Paps is one of the most energetic and entertaining voices from the UK underground right now.  His performance throughout “3 Am in Dag” is great, providing components of emotion, production, and lyrical ability that isn’t seen on every new project. Paps has mastered the approach of refusing a track to simply be a song. It becomes a story, and has a set of messages, meant to shift from the speakers directly to the listener in the most impressive way possible.

Connect with Paps on Instagram/Twitter @papikocakola

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