May 29, 2024

Hip-hop like every genre is ever evolving. With technology always improving and sound becoming more digital there are no limits to its growth. Cincinnati, Ohio and Las Vegas Nevada based music producer, FlyManRan has found his niche mixing smooth hip-hop sounds with celestial atmospheric vibes, and mastered it. Usually most producer released tracks are wack. As a rule of thumb, they suffer from the same incurable bouts of vanity that plague emcees. To his credit, FlyManRan relegates any excesses or overwhelming flexes to being inexistent. He lets the music speak for itself, and when it does so on his latest single, “In My Feelings”, you’re thrust into a different sonic world.

The producer never abandons the steady rhythm and backbeat, while the keys dance subtly in the background and the vocal interludes add ear-warming tones to the single. It seems FlyManRan instinctively knows when to drop a tightly quantized high hat, a thumping bass kick, a shuffling off-kilter snare, or not even use a beat at all.

It is often the spaces between the sonic elements that give so many of his tracks a distinctive haunting quality. But more than anything, it is the strong rhythmic presence running throughout “In My Feelings” that ties it all together.

The recurring vocal elements on “In My Feelings”, create an organic feel to his music that gets under your skin. His ability to twist and shape the vocals up and down creates a soothing and unifying sound that is both playful and lingering.

This is a remarkably confident release from an artist who is carving out his own sound and bringing people along for the ride. Steady but relaxed, the track is an electronic wonderland perfect for the upcoming summer nights that you are already planning.

“In My Feelings” has just the right mix of shade and light, ambient synths, and bottom end kicks to make it a track for everyone to groove to. Everything is put in at exactly the right time and just sounds brilliant.

This track is one of the best head-nodding tunes that FlyManRan has in his catalog. It’s endlessly cool, slick and burbling with the producer’s signature timbre. FlyManRan is a beatmaker that inspires your soul, warms your heart at the same time.

“In My Feelings” is meant to be heard on big, bassy sound systems, as you savor FlyManRan’s distinctive sonics imbued with an ethereal twist. The bouncy hooks and lush production slowly erupting into a jubilant head-nodder.

The record offers a remarkable experience brimming with emotion and technical satisfaction. You will find yourself floating in the cosmic atmosphere of the beat. The pleasant nature of the production provides a space for one to feel alongside FlyManRan, and to potentially explore their emotions through the art.

The brilliant auras of sound and feeling swirl together to create moments of joy and tranquility on “In My Feelings”. This is one of those surreal gems that shows through the drips of chill and straight-up hip-hop, how talented FlyManRan is. This is a record that has perfected a style of music.


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