May 29, 2024

It’s not uncommon to hear moody, melodic and mumbling rappers nowadays, but we’re definitely missing those artists who have a harsh bite to their rhyming. Russian rapper and songwriter VOVAN, originally from Riga (Latvia), who has been living in Manchester (UK), since 2007 delivers his “TITAN” EP, which is all bark and bite. Here the rapper gets real, bringing some powerful tracks that leave quite a mark. In 2020 he had a shoutout from the sadly departed DMX, and a year later he submitted a song for a Tech N9ne contest.

Since childhood, VOVAN’s dream has been to learn English so that he could understand what his favorite rappers were on about. Now a few years down the line he is able to rap in both English and Russian – often in the same breath, and without losing track of a rhyme or his flow.

VOVAN is steadily refining his craft and building his brand, delivering performance after performance to achieve rap supremacy. After a long journey of training and growth, he is here to show what he has learned with superb techniques and forms.

As the project “TITAN” plays, you hear him growing and getting stronger with each beat. It’s clearly the prelude, the appetizer to something even greater VOVAN has coming up his sleeve.

What’s most charming about “TITAN” is that you can tell these songs come from the rapper’s heart. VOVAN brings his best right from the start of “Jedis”, the beat delivering some awesome and unique vibes itself.

Things really get going from there, as “Alien Tradition” delivers another great, dark cinematic beat, and more excellent flows, with VOVAN bringing some fired-up emotional bars, with much-appreciated wordplay.

“Vladimir Kurulchuk” features a version of the rapper that is hungry, excited, and competitive, as he flows effortlessly over a head-banging beat. Next up comes “Changes” which rides on a funky beat that slaps and kicks with groove, taking us straight to “Lyrical Apocalypse”.

The bars here serve as a perfect sample of what VOVAN is capable of, showcasing his ability to construct intricate rhyme schemes and an infectious flow.

On “Why It’s Like This”, VOVAN raps is way through a raucous rock template straight into the relentless “Avatar”.  These tracks again show what differentiates him from many of his contemporaries.

VOVAN exhibits a sense of care for what he says and how he delivers his words, regardless of the beat he is rapping on. This isn’t just a hobby for him, he actually loves to rap, and is working hard to be better than any other rapper.

In a time when technical lyrical ability in rap has become secondary to whatever else people gravitate to, VOVAN diverges from the modern, and often redundant, hip-hop sound.

He slides between a range of flows and cadences, which is a trademark of this project. The “TITAN” EP perfectly sums up both the ruthlessness and the finesse that VOVAN has every time he steps into the booth. Along with these incredible abilities, he has so much more to offer.

VOVAN is here to stay for years to come, as he takes on his quest to reach the top of the rap game. He works with a diverse set of producers and collaborators to transform his sound on each release, but the key to his music is the hungry verses and flawless rhymes, which brings his storytelling to the forefront. I can safely say, that VOVAN lives up to expectations and more!


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