June 23, 2024

“My Obsession” is the new single for the summer by Johan Davis. After more than half a million streams obtained with “Summer Again” last summer, DJ and Producer Johan Davis, tries to reassert himself with the new single “My Obsession.”

The track comes from a valuable collaboration with the talented Italian-Maltese artist KEL Moncado, already known for her participation in famous international talents and contests.

With the warm and haunting summer melodies typical of Johan Davis, combined with KEL’s elegant and inimitable voice, it is easy to escape with your mind and feel in the middle of a beach party. As always, Johan Davis wants to tell a story, and this time he decides to do so by taking the listener to a typical evening bonfire with guitar by the sea.

In this production Johan Davis seeks an ideal balance between typical Deep House beats, and more classic Tropical style percussion, wrapping the sound with a persuasive and haunting guitar riff.

KEL demonstrates experience and talent, not only in the tone and interpretation of the song, but also by managing to embellish his performance with wellcalibrated expressive touches that make the artist stand out.

With this work, Johan Davis confirms himself as a mature artist with the now well-defined identity of someone who knows his own path.

Collaborating with KEL, he was able to create a fresh, dynamic and passionately charged song. “My Obsession” has the potential to be a hit and we will surely hear it a lot this year: between radios, beaches and clubs as a summer hit, wishing that we will hear a new collaboration between the two artists soon.

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Web Site: www.johandavis.com

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Spotify: Spotify – Johan Davis

Soundcloud: Johan Davis | Ascolta gratuitamente su SoundCloud

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