July 20, 2024

‘GameChanger 3’ by Ktayzy may be a necessity in your Apple music and Spotify playlists (alongside other platforms). VVS accumulates a range of different styles for this album continuing the game changer albums to becoming a trilogy. With anticipated songs like ‘my shorty’ ‘wyb’ and ‘tis it going 2 be’.

Ktayzy was raised in Florida and started producing and rapping at age 14, going by the name (King) Tayzy. Making songs on two androids after moving to Tampa FL, at 17 dropped his first official studio record Titled ‘Coldheart’, and since then has been consistent with his style, and sound of music.

Eventually after dubbing himself the vlone solider he has finally announced he wants to be acknowledged as VVS until he receives a platinum plaque of some sort he is already a gold producer. He continues with branches out into different kinds of entertainment and entrepreneur endeavors. You may follow him on all social media as @ktayzy and @vvsktayzy

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