July 16, 2024

All throughout his catalog Cincinnati, Ohio rapper, Chris Taylor, uses his diverse palette to explore the creative margins of his sound and style. The artist brings to mind many of his more celebrated peers, even though artistically or conceptually, he is in his own lane, he shares a notable sense of quality and creative identity with them. His single “Grown Woman”, displays Taylor’s unique gifts as a word-building storyteller and a melodic crooner. This release is thoughtful, meticulous, and concept-focused. Here the Ohio hip-hop hybrid created an offering that seizes a collection of stylistics from a broad palette, together with his enamoring skill set which he is always in the process of perfecting.

Chris Taylor knows how to turn his voice into the most colorful instrument, as the transforming production builds around him. There are some grabbing lines, especially when he starts to take off. He has the rhymes that make you rewind, mixed with the melody and songwriting that appeals to a broad audience of ears.

Even though this one is especially for the ladies. This is a fleshed out record that shows all the sides of Chris Taylor. Here we get to witness the traits that put on the Billboard charts in 2016, and set him up as a Coast 2 Coast live show winner in the same year.

You’ll love how he switches his flow and again. He is not a rapper being directed by the production, but rather a rapper directing the flow of the beat. Chris Taylor’s gift for playing with his voice is reason enough to revisit his songs.

The creativity is impressive, as he makes an effort to create an original world for the song. He pitches up his vocals, and even puts a manic twist to his flow. Taylor paints the record with the kind of lyricism that feels rare for an artist who is so melodic at times.

He can create songs. That goes without question. Everything on “Grown Woman” sounds good, well-written, and well-executed, with just that extra bit of alternative creativity, which puts him in his own lane. The rhythm and tempo are perfect for him, and he rides it like a master surfer.

The song is built upon a variety of ideas existing outside the box, where Chris Taylor finds an interesting middle ground, between playing to his strengths and pushing the boundaries.

What “Grown Woman” tells me about Chris Taylor is how the rising talent continues to test the waters of his artistic realm. He is pushing his pen—both as a lyricist and as a songwriter— while seeking new ways to utilize his voice differently.

Even with standout production, the alluring artist remains the most captivating centerpiece of his project. Taylor is the real deal. He hands you an arrangement of flows and sounds that you cannot expect to hear on mainstream projects.

Chris Taylor is able to play with his voice while rapping or singing ability. What follows is a plethora of vibes that end up being an infectious jam. “Grown Woman” is only 3 and a half minutes long, but the versatility Taylor shows off is impressive.

The single shows the rapper at his most free and charismatic. Alas, ladies and gentlemen, “Grown Woman” is a true testament to the kind of impeccable work that Chris Taylor is so effortlessly capable of, and a pleasure to listen to from start to finish.


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