May 25, 2024

Soul Café and IYCK D join their creative forces on the new dancefloor banger ‘Lets Party Tonight’. The fresh new single showcases the pulsing an bustling aura of the nightlife, finding inspiration in the party lifestyle. Merging a production of rolling basslines, house-inspired synths, and a vivid off-kilter beat, the production gives birth to a hypnotic, club-centric sound. All of which is held together by the powerhouse melodic vocals.

Kevin Daniels aka Soul Café

The sounds on the recording result in a creation full of earworm motifs that capture the imagination, and is always at the heart of Soul Café’s work. His music’s gorgeous sheen, often accompanied by easy on the ear pop-induced melodies, is hard to resist.

Both Soul Café and IYCK D lend their songwriting and engineering abilities to ‘Lets Party Tonight’, while IYCK D sits in the producer’s seat, and Soul Café dominates the mic. To take the project to yet another level, the pair of creatives called on Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Beauvallis to finalize the sonic output.

So what we have is a track that takes listeners by surprise as it breaks the boundaries of expectation. From the opening notes, it is apparent the track takes an elevated approach from Soul Café’s previous works.

There is no doubt that ‘Lets Party Tonight’ is work of art, with the rhythm and melody complementing the overall aesthetic quality of the music itself. The bassline and percussion used are mesmerizing, rippling like waves across the song.

Soul Café’s vocals sound like taking a choir and condensing it into one mellifluous voice. Beautifully enhancing this sound, are the warm keys. Shimmering and symmetrical, they complement the vocals amazingly.

‘Lets Party Tonight’ sounds ethereal and majestic at the same time. IYCK D takes familiar ideas and puts them through his own gauntlet of effects and tricks, particularly the song’s muscular underbelly and tonal shifts between smooth and gritty. Mashing up these various sides, makes this song into the dynamic house piece that it is.

Isaac Sande aka Iyck D

Upfront, Soul Café gives the track its killer earworm touch, with his easy-on-the-ear croon, which aims at captivating listeners, and this is exactly what ‘Lets Party Tonight’ succeeds at doing. Besides putting your body squarely on the dancefloor for a full immersion rhythmic experience!


Kevin Daniels aka Soul Café was born and raised in Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape, South Africa. He grew up in a musical family and performing in Church, school boy-bands, high school stage performances, and sang in the Eastern Cape Youth Choir as a 1st Tenor. Soul Café studied music production and technology, as well as DJ 101, at the Soul Candi Institute of Music. He has released a number of impressive albums and singles, and is also the owner of the music company Soul Café Music Pty Ltd.

Isaac Sande aka Iyck D is not only a Music Producer but a renowned Sound Engineer, Music Director, Music tutor, Sound Engineer Facilitator, and Record Label owner among other things. His professional career blossomed in 2002 when he got the opportunity to work as a part-time Sound Engineer at Heritage Studios, Harare in Zimbabwe where his production skills were groomed into becoming one of the best audio craftsman today. Iyck D has worked in many studios and production houses across southern Africa, on both local and international projects.

‘Lets Party Tonight’ CREDITS:

Singer: Soul Cafe
Songwriters: Isaac Sande – IYCK D (Samro) and Kevin Daniels Sr – Soul Cafe(BMI)
Recording & Mixing engineers: Isaac Sande and Kevin Daniels (Nactv 2020)
Mastering Engineer: Beauvallis (Grammy-nominated engineer)
Producer: IYCK D

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