May 26, 2024

The son of a pharmaceutical engineer and a schoolteacher – actor, singer, songwriter, novelist, screenwriter, producer, filmmaker, and dancer, Keven Porter Jr was born in Indiana and is now based in Los Angeles. He self-released his first self-made record entitled “For All Times” in 2004. He followed that up with “Revolution” (2005), “Black Knight” (2006), “Rewound” (2007), “Endurance” (2008), and the studio albums “Darklight” (2010), “Eclipse” (2013), “Take Me Away” (2015), “Burn” (2020), and now his latest EP “Not Without You” (2022). Keven has also performed at a host of prestigious venues, and in 2017 paused his solo endeavors for a stint with Southern California cover, and original, band SoCal Soul. Besides his music, Keven Porter Jr has had many of his screenplays chosen as official selections and winners, at several festivals.

On his latest release, “Not Without You”, Keven Porter Jr shows that he has learned how to use his tremendous resources to his advantage and made a personal statement to satisfy his artistic soul. The EP is luxuriously rich, yet lean and lovely. Keven keeps looking forward, but never forgets to keep his eye on the past. Hence, his music leans on those classic and nostalgic Pop, Soul and R&B flavors, while always maintaining a modern urban edge. It’s lush yet artfully produced, unforced yet deliberate.

The show kicks off with the propulsive and anthemic lead single, “Fake People”, which shows you how people will smile in your face while they stab you in the back. The track is aggressive and confrontational, inspiring to get up and fight back. It has the sound of a sprawling dancefloor classic that sees Keven Porter Jr emerge fully and spectacularly formed as an artist, and should land him attention-getting nods from audiences.

“No More” is no less suggestive and captivating, as Keven flows mellifluously and meticulously over an intensely throbbing beat. As much as he is in the moment, Keven carries an aura reminiscent of beloved and legendary artists from the past, which I will not mention out of respect, but you will easily be able to identify them track after track.  While highlighting further sides to Keven Porter Jr’s versatility, the track also features a grand sax solo.

He leans back into the comfort of his soulful voice on “Hurts To Say Goodbye”, recapturing the essence, vibrancy and maturity of classic R&B and Soul, which is all but lost in today’s music scene, while still leaving space for a gritty rap verse. There’s an immediately natural ease with which Keven Porter Jr uses his singing voice, one that feels strengthened by an acquired worldliness and understanding of his craft as well as the traditions that power his talents.

Next up comes the feel-good groove of “Gotta Get Away” which is also supported by a video sharing footage of Keven Porter Jr’s journeys through the Hawaiian Islands. It features a dynamic performance from Keven, with that extra rhythmic bombast needed to compete with his relentless vocals and harmonies. It’s one of those moments of brilliance on the EP and sets the stage nicely for the final track, “Not Without You”, which is also the EP title.

Keven Porter Jr and his production team showcase their ability to throw everything at the wall on this last track and make it all stick. Funky basslines, screaming guitar motifs, shimmering keys and soaring vocals all come together to enthrall and delight on the banger “Not Without You”. Here Keven sounds like the best version of himself. He is a born entertainer, a gifted songwriter, and a master of nostalgic detail, surpassing any of his contemporaries in the field, while carving out his own lane.


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