May 27, 2024

Smoke La Flare is an upcoming Bronx artist who is currently incarcerated, but making big waves under the radar in NYC. The artist maintains a grounded flow and clear diction throughout his releases, which mix both hardnosed verses and melodic hooks. The energy is mostly strong and smooth, while the rich production contributes to a sense of completeness.

Moreover, Smoke La Flare demonstrates a variety of sounds, subjects, and nuances. Whenever there is a need to express a deep sense of emotion, or a chilled atmosphere, the rapper’s lyricism and vocals are able to captures this. The EP ‘3 Da Hard Way PT.1’, plays testimony to the above affirmations.

Although Smoke La Flare has a distinctive voice and flow, there is never any overreliance on stock ideas and unmemorable lyricism. He makes sure those elements support his deliveries in the best possible way. It is clear that Smoke La Flare is a driven and hard-working artist who is able to consistently produce high quality in an extremely impressive way.

Another thing that cannot be denied is the earnestness and vivid storytelling on ‘3 Da Hard Way PT.1’, along with the catchy vibes and groovy beats. As far as trendy rap artists go, Smoke La Flare sounds like one of the underground’s finest. He is on radio rotation with the single ‘You’ ft. Ty Waved, taken from the EP ‘3 Da Hard Way PT.1’. Follow and find out more about Smoke La Flare on INSTAGRAM, download his music from APPLE MUSIC

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