June 18, 2024

It’s been years since R&B was a dominant force in the music industry, though there have been flashes of light along the way. Regardless of the commercial vicissitudes though, R&B artists continue to grind. Many continue to release quality material.  TC Cotton, an aspiring R&B/Soul artist from Macon, Ga., is now among those, with his latest heartfelt ballad “Home”. Respectable and sound, this track is tried-and-true as opposed to assimilating the new wave of modern R&B. It harkens back to a time when soulful R&B artists unpacked their most intimate stories and showcased a sensational set of pipes. This is Adult Orientated Contemporary R&B. Rare stock indeed for the fickle music times we live in.

“You, you are the one that makes me happy. You, you are the one that brings me joy. Well lately, few words have been spoken, my heart nearly broken. So won’t you tell me. What did I do, what did I say, to ever think that you would want to walk away. How could something so right, go so wrong. I just want to make things better. I can’t do it all alone. I just want to work together, now. To make a house a home.”

When was the last time you heard an R&B song open with caring, thoughtful lines like that, despite a desperate and afflicting situation for the narrator? You probably would not be able to remember if you are a fully-grown adult music aficionado.

If you are still in your youth, you have nothing like this to reminisce on, as you’re mostly about getting head, or hitting it from the back, and other matters of the flesh. If that don’t work, she’s out, and you’re onto the next.

Ladies and gentleman, in TC Cotton we finally have another R&B artist, who still delves into matters of the heart, as well as profound relationship mechanisms that build and seek, respect and understanding in working things out.

In “Home”, the Macon singer-songwriter recognizes he has a sentimental issue on his hands, so he anxiously searches for the truth. He’s asking questions, and he’s pledging alliance towards finding the solution.

While there are many lessons to be learned in TC Cotton’s lyric sheet, we should not overlook his performance. The man oozes passion across the record’s grooves without ever succumbing to melodramatic tones. The key lies in the authenticity his voice brings to the piece.

TC Cotton utilizes “Home” to take his listeners on a journey of relatable emotions, and while he plays on his own experiences, he brings in a welcoming, classic R&B sound, throughout this thought-provoking song.

The introspective reflections encompassed within “Home” create a space for listeners to understand the challenging situation TC Cotton is narrating and ultimately maybe understand their own a bit better. “Home” is solid, affecting and generous musical adventure.

The instrumentation forms a homogenous sonic foundation gently shimmering and melting under TC Cotton’s vocal abilities, which are smartly mastered, bringing a solicitous mood and a heartfelt message.


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